RE: Reconnected

I was already struck by you. I watched the same site hoping your profile
would reappear- a couple of years, I think. But I wasn't prepared to be
brought to my knees when you plugged in to reconnect. I realize that I am
lost in you more than imagined, and step back to find myself again. This
time, I feel that I may be lost without you, as well. Still, here I
am...smiling in over my head, and yes- a bit shaken! Your beauty continues
to shine new light exposing different glimpses of that heart of gold. You
have blown my brilliantly wicked mind too many times to ignore, so what
does that say about yours? Nobody can take me to the moon and back as you
have and keep me faithfully patient for more. There are factors wrapped in
my heart that I am not eager to see change. Maybe the same ones that lead
you to disconnect the first time? You've seen me for who I am. I love with
confidence and trust. I love without regret. I am thankful that you have
effortlessly shared yourself with me, as I have shared my love deeply with
you. We should make this last, say...forever? Click away, my love!