The Nest brings folks to the Yard for live music

Last night, the setting sun danced off the back of the temporary stage, playing with the eyes of those trying to view the Terrible Buttons, who were reduced to an acoustic duo due to some broken fingers by their drummer.

This was the second show put on by the Rock the Nest concert series at the new Kendall Yards and people dotted the lawn and table area listening in awe of Kent Ueland and Sarah Berentson.

Why has this area been deemed The Nest?

Thanks to a couple of lovebirds taking over what looks like a light pole. Literally, two ospreys have made a cushy home for themselves on top of the pole overlooking the Spokane River. Rather than force them to move along, a concert series was built around them.

As this is the site of The Inlander’s new digs, a few of us reporters headed down to check out the action – after all, when free, live music is merely a step outside your door, you have no excuse but to go.

The two-piece was well worth the trek. The stripped down version of the band allowed for a more intimate performance, heart-on-the-sleeve type soulful vocal stylings. Each musician also played solo some of their side-project tunes, adding a good mix to the set.

While the company and music was lovely, it didn’t start getting comfortable until about 8 pm. Note to anyone just coming from work, do not wear pants if you’re going to be sitting outside in 90-plus degree heat – pack some booty shorts for optimal comfort or be forced to sit in a puddle of your own sweat. There is no shade at this location.

Starting last Wednesday, the series kicked off with Folkinception. So far bands are scheduled every Wednesday until Aug. 21. But more may be added to the lineup. According to the Kendall Yards Facebook page, they are trying to reschedule Terrible Buttons in their full glory for later in the summer.

Rock the Nest concert series • July 31: Cedar and Boyer, Aug. 7: Flying Mammals, Aug. 14: Marshall McLean, Aug. 21: Kathy Colton and The Reluctants • 6:30 pm • W. 1335 Summit Parkway • Free • All-ages