You are the best blind date ever, long distance and all. On August 1,
after a salmon fishing trip, I stopped by your home and we finally met. We
went to a pizza shop that afternoon and after, I couldn't resist and kissed
you, wow! what a kiss. We both just looked at each other and didn't quite
know what to say. One of us finally said that was the best kiss ever, it
was electric. What a sensation, unforgettable. I was smitten by you and
couldn't bare to be without you and when you accepted my proposal a month
later, I was truly surprised and extremely proud you would marry me after
only a month. So we moved you to Spokane in a blizzard in December and got
married. After 36 years and a few trials and tribulations, I hope you are
as happy as I have been with you over the years. I love you with all my
heart, always will. XOXOXO, Bill"