To the blonde woman driving a silver SUV the morning of Monday, July 29th
at Dutch Bros on Freya Street: Thanks for the horning blaring and nasty
gesturing because you thought I intentionally cut in front of you in line
for coffee. I honestly didn't see your SUV, and I apologized when "you
brought it to my attention", but that didn't seem to matter to you. For a
relatively attractive woman, no amount of makeup could have covered
the "ugliness" that everyone saw in your face that morning! Your reaction
was pretty severe considering it was just a cup of coffee...or was it? Yet
when they took your order a few minutes later, you were all smiles?
Obviously you need some kindness sent your way, so, oh
yeah...that "mysterious" cup of coffee someone bought for you..that was me!
I sincerely hope you enjoyed it, and my hope is that a random act of
kindness might make you be kinder to people.