$8 Blue Moon

To the Saturday night bartender. I’m pretty sure you get paid by the hour.
In your job description it probably states, “Pouring beer”. I met up with
a friend of mine that evening to pay him some money he helped me earn.
Since he was sitting at the bar I sat down and asked for a beer. Not a very
labor intensive task by any standards. Although I did ask for an orange
slice, it must have been that which pushed you over the call of duty. I
paid for me drink with a debit card. Once I checked my bank statement
before paying a bill I found out I was right about you from the moment I
sat down. A self-entitled piece of crap that doesn’t even appreciate that
he has a sweet job! From now on I’m paying for all my drinks with cash.
That way nobody can help themselves to an undeserved $3 tip that could have
made a $5 beer turn into a $40 fee, just to square up with an actual
friend. I’m not the kind of person (anymore) that would follow you home
and slash your tires. Instead I stand back and watch while karma does to
people more than I could, without attracting my own negatives. BTW, I get
free drinks from bars more classy than yours turned out to be.