RE: Perplexed

The reason you are mocked as "snobbish" is not because you "traipse around
town" your $1,500/pair louboutins or your $2,500/outfit chloe; you are
mocked as snobbish because you stick your nose in the air to anybody who
does not have your same values. For some of us, your outfit represents a
quarter/semester of school, a car payment, house payment, or small
vacation. We know there are different fabrics other than leather and lace
(we are pretty familiar with flannel and denim), some of us just can't
justify spending that type of money on something that you only get to wear
for one or two seasons before it's no longer in style. As to our husbands,
don't worry about them; they are pretty happy that we don't try to spend
their entire paycheck on clothes. And lastly, if you're so bothered, please
feel free to move to the places that the hobos dress better than we do, we
won't be hurt in the least.