RE: Bus Riders

To the person sending in the comment/Jeers regarding bus riders. Hold the
Milk Truck, I often ride the bus and it is unclassy of you and unfair of
you to put all bus riders in a group and assume things.Have you ever riden
a bus? Do you know how difficult it is to walk across a road or in this
case a highway with groceries? Maybe that person has a large family to
support and has but no choice to buy "all that stuff without thinking about
it". Ever think of that? Also, just because one rides a bus by no means
makes them dirty or grimey. Nor will a bus rider using a cart leave said
cart any more or less grimey than anyone else, such a statement out of your
mouth just shows how undereducated you are. Get on a bus, buy some
groceries and you try getting them home, it is not easy! And then tell us
how it is, I pray that those judgements will be replaced by compassion.