Local budtenders weigh in on their favorite edibles of 2021

Local budtenders weigh in on their favorite edibles of 2021
Pioneer Squares from Craft Elixirs

As we leave behind the dark days of quarantine, it might be nice to try something new. For cannabis users, or those canna-curious, the options include a variety of delicious edibles.

We spoke with a few local budtenders about some of the best-selling edibles in 2021 so far, and they gave us the lowdown.

Uncle Roaner's, taffy and hard candy

You've tried the gummies, the brownies and the chocolates, but what about something more old school? Savanna Ley at MJ's Pot Shop in Pullman says that lately she's been excited about Uncle Roaner's taffy. The flavors, which you can find in lemon bar and huckleberry at MJ's, "are super on point and delicious," she says. If taffy isn't your thing, Ley recommends checking out Uncle Roaner's hard candies, which include flavors like huckleberry, green apple and root beer.

Craft Elixirs, Pioneer Squares

If you're in the mood for something fruity and chewy, Madison Wall at Cinder recommends trying the Pioneer Squares from Craft Elixirs. Like all Craft Elixir products, the chewy, fruity candies are infused with a "full-spectrum" oil with a mix of cannabinoids and natural terpenes, making them both tasty and potent, Wall says. The squares are also vegan, gluten-free and kosher, Wall adds. Find them in a rainbow of flavors, from ruby grapefruit to watermelon kiwi.

Major's, pink lemonade drinkable

Edibles are so hot right now, but you know what's getting hotter? Drinkables, aka cannabis cocktails. Major's drinkables are another one of Wall's favorite products right now, because they pack a serious punch (100 milligrams in 6.7 fluid ounces!) for an affordable price, he says. Major's drinks are also powered by SoRSE, which infuses water-soluble and emulsified concentrate into the product for faster absorption, he says. Expect to feel it after about eight to 15 minutes. Wall's favorite is the pink lemonade, but you can also find the drinks in orange mango, blue raspberry, passion fruit and grape.

Ceres Garden, chocolates

Ceres Gardens produces a range of different cannabis products, including tinctures and topicals, but Jamie Shipman from Piece of Mind in North Spokane says that their chocolates are "hands down" her favorite edibles right now. Coming in macadamia nut, malt ball, salted caramel, coffee bean and "dragon" (caramel with ghost pepper) and in indica and sativa options, Ceres chocolate has something for everyone. The company also uses a "nano-emulsification process" that allows the effects to take place more easily, Shipman says. ♦

A version of this article first appeared in the Inlander's glossy cannabis magazine, Green Zone Guide.