Prerolls come in an array of prices, strengths

Prerolls are price-conscious way to deliver flower to your system.
Prerolls are price-conscious way to deliver flower to your system.

In the wide world of cannabis, the simple preroll is about as user-friendly as it gets. It's a no-assembly-required approach to consuming cannabis, with the only tool required being a lighter or a match. Just spark and smoke, simple as that. Prerolls are perfect when you're looking for something that will get the job done without any fuss. Here are some available locally, at four different price points, to consider next time you're looking to make a purchase.


Prerolls are a pretty budget-friendly category, but it doesn't get much easier on the wallet than this. A one-gram preroll of Blackberry Trainwreck from Blazed will set you back just three bucks at Cannabis & Glass in Liberty Lake. An indica-dominant hybrid of Blackberry Kush and Trainwreck that packs a THC punch between 18 and 19 percent, there's nothing cheap about this but the price.


Fire Ass Mids, a relatively new line of products from Freddy's Fuego, is true to its name by delivering strong results at low prices. Their introduction to the market has been hard to miss, thanks to their bold red packaging that stands out on store shelves. The Vault on the South Hill sells a variety of the brand's one-gram prerolls for six dollars a piece. The offerings all fall on the hybrid and indica side of the spectrum, so sativa fans may need to look elsewhere.


The standard range for a quality preroll is between eight and 10 dollars, which means if you've got a Hamilton you've got a ton of options to choose from. It's hard to go wrong with something from Spokane's own Phat Panda. The brand is widely available at stores around the region, but Royal's Cannabis on Division carries more than a dozen of their prerolls, and all of them cost just eight bucks. Being one of the largest growers in the state, Phat Panda's extensive line of prerolls has something for everyone.


Greenhand on Monroe sells what could be considered the status symbol of the preroll market: an $18 single-gram joint. It's not just a regular old preroll, though. Spend this much on a single joint and you better be getting something special. In this case, the OG offering from Tacoma's Lifted Cannabis is infused, giving you more bang for your buck and making the price point more reasonable. Still, this might be best saved until payday. ♦