From the Editor: Pie and Perseverance


here's no shortage of opinions on pretty much any topic these days, but I think we can all agree on at least one thing: Pie is really good!

In this issue, Just American Desserts' founder Eva Roberts, who just a year ago was appearing on Food Network's Holiday Baking Championship, talks about her journey as a baker (page 34). Like any endeavor, baking carries its share of risks, and Roberts is candid about being thrown into situations she wasn't totally prepared for and having to regroup when things didn't go as planned. She overcame setbacks by analyzing what might have gone wrong, and trying again. And again, until she got it right. This time, we're the lucky beneficiaries of her research — she shares her recipe for her enchanting Maple Cream Pie.

We also check in with Amanda Parrish, executive director of the Lands Council and owner of Parrish and Grove plant store, about her search for solutions to vexing environmental problems (page 46) — including research conducted right at home, in her own South Perry District backyard.