MORNING BRIEFING: 8.2 Chilean earthquake, no limits for campaign contributions, chainsaw cuts close


A not-so-funny April Fools’ Day joke was left at a Rathdrum apartment yesterday. (CDP)

After entering an "Alford Plea" to multiple sex crimes, former Colville Police Officer Rex Newport was sentenced to 29 months yesterday. (KHQ)

Mudslide victims may have to pay back mortgages. (S-T)


The limit does not exist! No worries, you can now contribute as much of your hard-earned money to political candidates as you want to. (WaPo)

An 8.2 magnitude earthquake hit Chile, killing at least six. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated. (BBC)

At least 7.1 million Americans have signed up for insurance through exchanges. President Obama is proud. (Politico)

This Pennsylvania man cut it close after he got a chainsaw lodged in his neck. (CNN)


Any fans of watching bowling and the Dude out there? Any fans of drinking beer? Well, the Inlander’s next Suds and Cinema is for you. (Inlander)

The Mariners beat the Angels again! That’s two games in a row. What? (ST)