MORNING BRIEFING: 911 outages, city council pay raises and unexploded ordnance in Afghanistan


The 911 system was down across Washington this morning and is now partially restored in Spokane County. If 911 is not working in your area, here are alternate numbers to try: Spokane County: (509) 456-2233; Grant County: (509) 762-1160 or (888) 431-9911 (toll free); Pend Oreille County: (509) 447-1980 (AP/SR)

Gail Gerlach took the stand in his own defense yesterday. (Inlander)

Police shot and killed a pit bull after it escaped and was reportedly attacking other dogs and people. It's the third pit bull incident in the last week in Spokane County. (KREM)

A city salary review panel recommends that city council members get a 4 percent raise. (SR)

This very North Idaho raffle is offering 100 guns and an actual ton of ammunition. (CdA Press)


Pennsylvania students describe their classmate who stabbed 22 people yesterday as "shy" and "quiet." His motive remains unknown. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

A new report shows that Russia did not share everything it knew about one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects with U.S. officials. (NYT)

American troops are leaving Afghanistan, but many of their grenades, rockets and mortar shells aren't. The military has vacated firing ranges that still contain unexploded ordnance and dozens of children have been killed at the poorly marked sites. (WaPo)

In an effort to get rid of the all-day studiers who only order one thing, a Vermont cafe has banned screens. Books, daydreaming and chitchat are encouraged. (NPR)


The Kress Gallery is hosting youth and middle school poetry slams starting at 5:30, and Adrianne Harun is signing books at Auntie's at 7 pm. Then, the event I hope you've been anticipating as much as I have: The Pie and Whiskey Reading at the Women's Club starts at 9 pm. (21+) Find the full schedule of events here.