It's National IPA Day! Drink up

What? Your boss didn't give everyone the day off for National IPA Day?

That's a shame, but it shouldn't stop you from celebrating once you clock out this evening. Today marks the fourth-annual National IPA Day, which is a chance to honor the hoppy goodness of one of our country's most popular craft beer styles. There's no real agenda to it, but you are encouraged to sip up and tweet photos of your beers and beer-drinking with the hashtag #IPAday. Last year, the Brewer's Association says the hashtag was used more than 33,000 times and they hope to build on that number this year.

Locally, there is no shortage of IPAs to enjoy and, as luck would have it, you can get a taste of many of them tonight, all under one roof. To celebrate the launch of the super-sized Inland Northwest Ale Trail (which we wrote about this week), there's a party at the Black Diamond (one of the city's best beer bars) tonight from 5-8 pm. Here are all the details.

Even if you can't make it to the party, treat yourself to a local IPA at some point today.

At Iron Goat, you can check out their Headbutt IPA Version 2.0. 

"It's the same ingredients, but different brewing process which gives it more aroma and more flavor with a smoother finish," says Iron Goat brewer Greg Brandt.
Iron Goat also is selling all of their IPAs for $1 off in honor of this hoppy holiday.

No-Li is celebrating IPA Day in their brewery by using their Randall for the first time. If you don't know (which I didn't), a Randall is a device that adds flavors at the end of the brewing process. At No-Li, they're using fresh hops in the Randall.

There are plenty of other IPA options out there, too. Here's our brewery guide if you need some pointers.