I Saw You

Week of March 24


Definition of Beautiful: "The 1st time I saw you, up at our friends, was the day that I learned what Beautiful meant.

""In regards to saying something nice""

Beauty or shall I say BEAUTIFUL IS NOT even close to the Definition of the Word...

To know you Blows the word out of the water..

Im grateful to have known you, as well as know you... The love I have for you is very REAL, & WILL LAST BEYOND MY LIFETIME ANY OTHERS AFTER.. I want that first kiss , I want that first time we said I LOVE YOU,

You are truly the breath I breathe, my SOUL, my LIFE...


Let's do it AGAIN...






The Truth: The Truth of the so-called housing shortage (which is causing the extreme prices) is an alliance, or shall I say, an association. Yes, I believe it is called the Washington State Commercial Association of Realtors. Their main office is Lynnwood, Washington. I don't know about you, but I have seen this nonsense about a shortage of housing stock for well over eight years now, and I'm sorry if my not swallowing that lie casts a bright light in your shade, but humans have been managing growth and especially urban growth for long enough to know how to also forecast trends and thus respond accordingly. The million-dollar question, or answer to the million-dollar question, is worth more than a million, is whether or not the city and county administration has been providing the association of commercial brokers with the constraints needed to create a housing shortage. If you have lived in this town long enough, you too should know that unless you have a friend in the real estate market, your permits for your project, your bid for that contract, your application for that loan, will be the death of your planning efforts in Spokane. To be fair, I'm almost positive this kind of thing happens in other cities as well.


Mom Nature Loves You: The weekend of 3/12 my dog and I went walking on the river. Where we met multiple groups of people cleaning up garbage. I kept thanking them; my dog and I try to clean, but we have had an injury and can't pull our wagon. The last group told me they were from Chas Clinic. I want to thank Chas and their wonderful employees for taking care of our river.

Thanks for the Humor: I just wanted to say "Thank you!" to Mike Bookey for the great article this week (March 17-23, 2022) on Russell Wilson's departure. I have to start by saying I'm not a football fan, so the fact that I read and enjoyed your article should say even more. I enjoyed your humor in a dark/sad moment, and the writing is the kind that makes me laugh out loud. I think we all sorely need that these days. Just wanted you to know your skills are appreciated. I'll be looking for your byline in future issues. Thanks again!

Bread in the Sky: Thank you, Franz, for replacing the great loaf of bread in the sky. The joy I get from seeing the floating loaf helps my daily commute!


Protect The Turkeys: Jeers to the new transplants driving in their silly cars that don't know how to YIELD to the dang South Hill TURKEYS! I seriously saw a little turkey wait for a gap in traffic to cross Grand, and as it finally stepped out, someone sped by paying no mind to the flock near the street. It caused the turkey to jump back and flap all over, which made the person swerve their car. Please be mindful of the presence of our turkey friends if you're anywhere on the hill. If you're a real Spokanite, you'll take the L on being late for your meeting, and you'll wait for as long as the birds need to cross safely.

Jeers, More Like, Whhuppa-Wuh? Suffer The Little Children To Come Unto Shea? According to news outlets, the former Rep Matt Shea is holed up in Poland with a mess of kids (62) he plans to bring to the US for adoption. Lovely thought, if a little more thought than holy-whim went into it. Dude, that's not how you do that! Even A-List celebrities have to file Paperwork! You know, Mr. Shea, there has been a multitude of African children orphaned by idiotic wars over the last twenty years. Are your bounteous intentions only for un-parented white children? I'm thinking you're missing a great opportunity here. Some of the African orphans have already been trained in hand-to-hand combat, the use of small arms, and the Art of War. I mean, if you're looking to pull a Koresh, don't you want the kids with the most applicable skill set possible?

Left Empty-handed: To all the people who steal the hand-held shopping baskets at our local grocery stores: you are making the shopping experience miserable for the people, especially Seniors, who come into the store to only buy a few items.Now,we have to get a big bulky cart( if you haven't stolen those,too) to push around in the store.Jeers too,to the store management whose dumb idea to solve the problem is just to discontinue ordering the baskets.Thanks for nothing.

Archaic Advice: To the Advice Goddess, I'd like to preface this with my honest appreciation of your work. With that, however, the last letter, "Don't Goo Me Like That," was pretty offensive. For context the woman writing in is discussing her husbands lack of emotion; the response you gave felt entirely chauvinistic. To tell the woman that well, "aw schucks the entirety of the Male species is just like that...they dont speak, "chick." I'm flabbergasted that in one breath you disparaged both genders. As If a woman is hysterical and a man is made of stone. It doesn't take a modernist to see that this advice has deep-rooted issues in gender norms that are outdated. We have evolved, and so should your sentiment of the dynamics between partners.

Re:Pretend Soldiers: How dense are you to think that civilian AR-15s are anywhere close to military grade? Ukraine is handing out automatic AK-47s to its civilian population to defend itself. The greatest irony here is the cognitive dissonance in which you see other countries civilians in need of weapons but not our own. Meanwhile, let's address the elephant in the room. What's happening to the Ukrainian people is awful, but the only reason most of us care is because they're White. No one cares that we're funding a genocide in Yemen; no one cares that we regularly drone strike brown children all the way from Syria to Libya to Afghanistan. Our country has bombed literal weddings and is responsible for 1 MILLION Iraqi deaths. So, go ahead; promote more violence in Ukraine, get on your high horse about keeping our children safe while you sit by as administration after administration keeps manufacturing your consent for the deaths of tens of thousands of brown children. I'll keep my AR-15.

Local News Broadcasts: It's becoming harder and harder to watch local news. Other than repeating weather and sports, plus commercials, there is little else reported. It's the same on all networks. There is no substance in what short time remains to pass on actual news coverage. They've got to do better than this to keep me tuned in.

Digital Discrimination: To all the stores and restaurants that have deals that are through phone apps or internet only shame on you!! Most elderly people don't have digital phones or the internet. I know some young people who can't afford smartphones or internet services. This is digital discrimination & it needs to stop!! Give everyone the deals or don't.

Know-Nothing Biden Bashers: Every day we are confronted with obscene anti-Biden signage proudly displayed by knee-jerks who have no clue about, for example, why gas prices have gone up. Catch a clue, haters — oil is bought and sold on the worldwide market. With more countries refusing to buy Putin's blood-soaked petroleum, demand for non-Russian oil increased, especially in Europe, where countries were much more dependent on it than the US. More competition for a more limited supply of anything means its price goes up. You want to blame someone? Vladimir Putin's cruel war against Ukraine set this in motion. But no! This would require a basic understanding of economics. Willfully ignorant Biden bashers are Putin's puppets. He loves you.

Diamond in the Rough: Relax ,Seahawk nation, before you jeer Pete Carroll because of the Wilson trade — after all he found Willson in the third round, which I like to call a diamond in the rough. Who's to say he can't find another diamond before it turns into a prima donna! ♦