MORNING BRIEFING: Petting Moose and Eating Seats


Spokane teens are having fewer babies than ever. (SR)

For $550,000, the City of Spokane settles a lawsuit filed by the family of a GU student who died on trip organized by GU outdoors. (SR)

Is petting a moose worth jail time? (KXLY)

How about gnawing through the upholstery of a sheriff’s vehicle? (CDAP)

The City Council questions whether the police department is treating all sitting/lying equal. (Bloglander)


Airstrikes begin in Syria against ISIS/ISIL. (NYT)

The strikes against Syria also targeted an obscure Al Qaeda cell. (WaPo)

Russia isn’t a fan of the airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. Assad is. (WaPo)

Republicans begin to publicly support selling birth control over the counter. (The Atlantic)

Check out this 18th-century temperature thermometer. (Slate)