CAPTION CONTEST: Our favorites, plus another cartoon

On Monday, we shared the cartoon (at right) from a local artist named Dave Rowles, asking our readers to help write the caption. Below are some of our favorites:

"I told you not to pull that rope..." — Adam Musa

"It leans to the left, just like the city council..." —  Rusty Jackson

"This structure's a lot like you, Don. I see it all the time, but lately I'm not sure why it's here, what good it does and I really want to divorce it." — Trefor J. Collins

But if we had to choose a winner, it would be from Paul Secrest: "When the time comes, our marmot overlords will use it to summon their legions to the surface." 

Dave, by the way, had originally submitted the cartoon with a simple but funny caption — "The tent leaks." — and he was so inspired by readers' reaction this week, he created a whole new image. (Next Monday, we'll post another artwork in need of caption assistance.)