MORNING BRIEFING: Condon's windfall, Ybarra's degree, another White House fence jumper


Mayor David Condon inherited $1 million from local philanthropist Myrtle Woldson, who died this spring. (SR)

An emergency room doctor at the Spokane VA Medical Center was arrested on charges he molested a 13-year-old family friend. (KXLY)

Sherri Ybarra, the Republican running for superintendent of schools in Idaho, has said throughout the campaign that she expected to get her doctorate in education in August. In fact, she got a lesser educational specialist degree. (SR)

The Coeur d'Alene Police Department says it needs three new officers. After finding out it didn't receive a competitive federal grant for that cost, the department is trying to figure out where to find the cash to fund those officers. (CdA Press)

Recovered stolen property: Is any of this stuff yours? (KHQ)


What we know about a shooting at an Ottawa war memorial and parliament building yesterday (BBC)

Another White House fence jumper (CBS)

"An athlete track, where essentially you might as well not have the university at all." A massive cheating scandal at the University of North Carolina included more than 3,000 students, half of them athletes. (WaPo)

Four former Blackwater guards were found guilty in a 2007 shooting in Baghdad's Nisour Square. (NYT)

A T. Rex with a duck's bill (NPR)