MB: Flu shot effectiveness, Belgium terrorists thwarted, Earth is so hot right now


Burglars attempted to break into a local WSP impound lot yesterday, potentially targeting a car containing a pound of meth and other drugs. (S-R)

The flu shot has been deemed only 23 percent effective with this year’s strain of viruses. (KXLY) Still, doctors (and likely your mothers) urge you to get the shot anyway.

Ever had your car window smashed in or bike stolen? Gov. Jay Inslee unveiled his plan to reduce the state’s sky-high property crime rate. (INLANDER)


A new study shows a majority of U.S. public school students now live in poverty. (WaPo)

A potential Belgium terrorist attack - one that would have targeted police - has been thwarted. (CNN)

2014 was Earth’s warmest year on record. (LAT)

The head of Medicare and Medicaid is stepping down. (NYT)

Are you ready for Sunday?