A Riverkeeper speaks, an astronomer educates and test your brain

After that first weekend of March Madness, basketball fans and non-enthusiasts might want to just sit back and relax. To that I say, nonsense! Check out the extensive event listings at your disposal, and the slew of Staff Picks available and get after it on a Monday!

Here are some highlights for Monday, March 23: 

ETC | If the recent eclipse sparked a renewed interest in Earth's moon in your kids, you'll want to make your way to the South Hill Library tonight at 6:30 for Marvelous Moon, a hands-on learning session led by astronomer Dan Bakken and involving lunar rice-krispy treats. Mmm, treats. 

SPORTS & OUTDOORS | A fine opportunity awaits anyone interested in the Spokane River and efforts to keep it clean now and in the future if you make your way to The Spokane Riverkeeper Speaks tonight at the Mountain Gear Corporate Offices. 

TRIVIA | Monday seems a perfect night to test your mental skills at one of the fine trivia nights at local bars, including Jones Radiator and Press