Where Function Meets Style

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With the housing market taking a breather, it might be time to consider nudging the home you have into becoming the home you love. In this issue, I had the good fortune to talk with designers and homeowners about the process for making a house's style — but more importantly its function — fit a family's needs, whether that's a family with young children or a multi-generational household. I think you'll enjoy seeing the results of the careful and innovative processes, in "Staying Put" (page 20).

I must have been thirsty when I was planning this issue, because we have two features on beverages. In our Health section, Samantha Holm explores the physical — and social/emotional — benefits of taking time for a spot of tea ("Healthy Sipping," page 8). And as you can see, we have three lovely cocktails on our cover. One of them is not like the others. Can you spot the mocktail?* The option for sophisticated, no-alcohol beverages is a giant step toward inclusivity — those who are abstaining from alcohol for whatever reason are no longer relegated to imbibing Shirley Temples (page 34). And to that, I say...


*It's the one with a sprig of rosemary!