MB: Z Nation actors insult, Seahawks fumble, apocalyptic wildfire landscapes


Stars of the locally-filmed show Z Nation came under criticism recently for some not-so-nice comments about Spokane during a TV interview, and felt so bad about it they issued an apology. (KXLY/KREM)

This year's hot summer has caused many crops at Green Bluff to ripen much earlier than normal, so much so that some crops went bad. (KXLY)

The Coeur d'Alene School District approved an emergency levy of $1.2 million to support a spike in student enrollment. (Spokesman-Review)


Not all of us watched the Seahawks game yesterday, and that's OK. In case you missed it, here's a recap. (New York Times)

California is still stricken by massive, out of control wildfires, forcing thousands to flee and leaving apocalyptic-like destruction in their wake. (ABC)

Kim Davis still won't issue gay marriage licenses now that she's back to work, but she won't block other clerks in her office from providing them, either. (USA Today)