David Condon hit with another ethics complaint, and other news of the season

click to enlarge More ethics complaints fot Condon
More ethics complaints fot Condon


Former Zag Kelly Olynyk goes viral again, and this time it's actually for basketball.


• Condon condemnation 
A fourth ethics complaint has been filed against David Condon for how he handled the sexual harassment complaints against Frank Straub. This one comes from local chapter of the National Organization for Women, and hits Condon for failing "in his responsibility to provide a safe work environment for the women of the Spokane Police Department and, by extension, all women who work for the city of Spokane.” (Spokesman-Review)

• Neighborhood watch
A Spokane neighbor stopped a package Christmas package thief, and caught it all on camera. While KXLY has reported the man was a "Grinch," all indications continue to suggest that he was, in fact, a human being. (KXLY)

Used car
A low-income single mom gets her car back from thieves, but it's very much the worse for wear. (KREM)

• Ho, Ho, Ho, I have an assault rifle

A drunk driver attempts to thank two Good Samaritans who offered to help them out after he crashed into a barrier, by pointing an assault rifle at them. (KREM)

• Ain't that a kick in the shins
Probably not helping international soccer's reputation for corruption, 75 Argentine team directors voted for a new leader — and produced a 38-38 tie. We'll let you do the math.

Okay, fine then. It adds up to 76. (New York Times)

• Dim career prospects
It's rough out there for human rights lawyers in China these days. (New York Times)

• Repeat offenders
At least 55 of the law enforcement officers involved in fatal shootings in 2015 have been involved in fatal shootings before. (Washington Post)

• Shooting first
Are we pulling punches when it comes to fighting ISIS in Syria? Or are we being pragmatic, ethical and wise? Officials debate. (Washington Post)