Largest Powerball ever, Obama's last State of the Union and news to start your day


• Ever wonder who's sitting in that lot near the Rosauer's in Browne's Addition? Read this

• Puff, Puff, Pose: Do yoga, Smoke Weed


• Paid sick leave is coming to Spokane, the question is how much? (Spokesman-Review

• City Council members are demanding answers surrounding the move of the downtown police precinct. Among the list of seven inquires, council members want to see a cost benefit analysis for the remodel and the move. (KXLY)

• The drawing for the largest Powerball jackpot is tomorrow. At $1.4 billion (with a B), you probably won't win the big money, but what exactly are the odds? Wired puts 'em at about one-in-292 million. Ouch.

• Neither police officers nor Spokane County Detention staff will face criminal charges in Lorenzo Haynes' death. Haynes died in the county jail booking area in May after being arrested for violation of a no contact order and being a felon in possession of a weapon. (Spokesman-Review) 

• Ten people in Turkey are dead after a suspected Islamic State suicide bomber's attack in Istanbul. Fifteen more were injured. 

• President Obama will give his final State of the Union speech tonight. What he will (and won't) talk about. 

Speaking of Obama, he shared a cuppa coffee with Jerry Seinfeld and had an interesting discussion about fame, shaving and walking around the White House in his underwear.