Straub's lawsuit, Trump's meltdown and other morning headlines

Four. Million. Dollars.
Four. Million. Dollars.

Penn is Mightier, but Teller is Quieter 

• Penn and Teller are coming to Spokane

Et Tu, Frank? 

• Frank Straub has finally officially filed his lawsuit against the Mayor of Spokane, the guy who hired him despite local opposition. And it actually accuses Mayor Condon of being too open and honest and upfront about the sexual harassment accusations against Straub. 


Filling the Ombudsman throne 

• At long last, Spokane finally has an (interim) police ombudsman. Bart Logue's a local guy, a diplomat and former Marine Corps police chief. What about Raheel Humayun, their choice for permanent ombudsman? Well, he's still waiting for his work visa. (Spokesman-Review)

The greatest hits of Timothy Suckow
• The hitman who says he carried out two murders for James Henrikson finished his testimony yesterday. (KREM)

Baby giveway

• A baby has been dropped off at a Spokane fire station, given away by a young mother who already had five other kids. (KREM)


Sit with Rand
• Maybe libertarianism isn't quite as hip and cool with the kids these days. Or maybe it's that Rand Paul watered down his ideology, allowing himself to fade to the background amid the presidential candidate throng. Either way, he's out. (Politico)

The arc of history is long, but it bends toward Trump freaking out
• Donald Trump played it pretty cool, for a Donald Trump, when he lost Iowa Monday night. But this morning he's finally had the meltdown freakout that the people have been demanding! And, just like his golf game, Trump is calling for a mulligan. "Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified," Trump wrote on Twitter. (Hot Air)

The will to power of the Uber men
• Uber drivers have begun to demand worker rights and protections. (N ew York Times)

Like, what is it good for? 
Why aren't Hillary and Bernie talking about war? (The Atlantic)