The Spokane music and arts scene gets its own wall — online

There’s a new way to find out about what’s going on in the local music and arts scene.

No, it’s not the most state-of-the-art website, but certainly, it’s to the point. The Spokane Wall tells you about some of the coolest musicians and comedians and artists putting on shows in the area, by posting event posters on a fake brick wall. Scroll right to see more. Click on the poster and be transported to the event’s Facebook page or website. That’s it. Simple.

The Spokane Wall, was created by local musician (the Poids)/artist/poet Chris Dreyer (who has freelanced for the Inlander in the past) as a way to promote local concerts and events in a curated way that wasn’t just on Facebook.

“Primarily, promotion from people who are putting on shows set up a FB event pretty much eight times out of 10,” Dreyer says. “That works, but you are only able to reach your friends with that.”

Multiple local media, venue and city websites offer event calendars, including the Inlander’s, to keep people up to date, but the Spokane Wall offers an exclusively visual way of taking in the happenings around town.

Dreyer admits he’s had no formal training and is relatively new to the programming game, just starting the site earlier this year. Currently, the site is at a hobby level, just basic html, he says. But eventually, he’d like to generate enough eyes on the site that it could bring in its own revenue through advertising.

“I’m trying to update it every weekend and as time goes on, there will be Easter eggs implemented to keep it entertaining,” Dreyer says.

Dreyer attempts to include events at various locations by searching the internet for shows and concerts that speak to him personally. Music concerts do range from genre to genre, but often hone in on what's going on in the punk/metal side of things. 

“Mostly, I’m looking for flier art that already exists, and also if I think it’s going to be a good event.”

Send submissions, with event poster to