Team Spirit

Be the best Inland Northwest football fan possible with these items

M uch is required of the football fan. No pussyfooting around with a measly T-shirt; one must look the part. Deck yourself out in team colors, and learn all of the proper songs and traditions. Fan gear is rampant these days — especially Seahawks gear, as the team has been so dominant lately — but there are certain items that Inland Northwest team stores and pro shops can help you with beyond the obvious tops, coats, hats and cups.

Go Cougars!

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WSU Team Colors facepaint and Game FX face stick.

Painting your face with your team's insignia is an especially bold move, and the good folks at the Washington State University bookstore are here to help make that process a whole lot easier. There's the Game FX crimson-and-silver face stick, for easy stripes, and Team Colors premium face paint that comes with colored goop on a stick, ready for easy spreading. Temporary logo tattoos also make a statement. All items run between $2 and $7. Spokane Bookie at Washington State University Spokane, 358-7860

Go Eagles!

Famed coach Vince Lombardi once patiently explained to his team, "Gentlemen, this is a football." With this adorable Eastern Washington University onesie ($19), the baby in your life can learn early what a football is by actually embodying one. There's certainly no age limit to fandom, and no reason the entire family can't join in the obsession.

Go Vandals!

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Idaho ping pong balls

Plain old ping-pong balls are all around — even at grocery stores, next to the red Solo cups. Far more rare are ones displaying the University of Idaho logo. These white balls are wonderful, especially for zealous Vandals tailgaters looking to stay warm and optimistic with a rousing round of beer pong or even table tennis before heading into the Kibbie Dome. One set comes with six balls ($8).

Go Seahawks!

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Seahawks fan No. 12 ring

It's blue and green and stamped with fan No. 12. Sounds like every other piece of Seahawks merchandise, but this item is a blinged-out statement ring that shows others just how serious you take football. Sure, the team has only earned one Super Bowl ring, but this $12 piece of fashion jewelry works well for men and women who have pretty much everything else emblazoned with Hawks imagery. Red Fox Sports, bottom floor of River Park Square, 363-0304

Go Pirates!

As the Whitworth University fight song says: "Be not content with less / Whitworth deserves the best." In this case, that means the Columbia women's jacket with Whitworth logo embroidery. Football fans often want to forget just how cold the games can get; this jacket features advanced reflective and repellent technology you're likely to forget as well. It's not cheap at $125, but staying toasty while displaying your school spirit is well worth the price tag.