Building the Perfect Meal

Think of the best meal you've ever had. A great cocktail, an amazing appetizer, an entrée that blew your mind and stuffed your gut, and then a dessert you're still thinking about years later. That restaurant is probably still one of your favorites. But what if you could make the perfect meal from several different places?

Think of it as taking the Dr. Frankenstein method to creating your dinner.

Perhaps a cocktail from your favorite bar and an appetizer from that tapas place you love. Then, the best damn pasta dish you've ever encountered, and all of it capped off with a once-in-a-lifetime dessert. We sent seven of our writers out into every culinary corner of the Inland Northwest to piece together their fantasy meals. Some went with dishes that reminded them of home or fond memories, while others just got gluttonous. Take a look and then get out there and Frankenstein your own meal.

— MIKE BOOKEY, culture editor