They're Just Clothes!

Welcome to the Inlander fashion issue

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Fall trends, like velvet fabrics, can be found at Echo Boutique.

Over the past few weeks of working on this fashion issue, I've had to grapple with why we put certain clothing on our bodies. At its most basic, we wear clothes because we don't want to be naked. They're made for function (warmth, speed, flexibility), but also to help us express ourselves (show up to any kind of music concert to see the gamut). Yet after living here for three years, I've observed that we play it safe in our Inland Northwest bubble. Never pushed to adapt too much to new trends, people here have found what is comfortable and what works. I'm torn between two thoughts: Does fashion really matter? And what if, just as with any music/arts/design/food scene, caring about clothing could push the Inland Northwest to new heights?

This issue explores the current state of the Spokane fashion scene. We tried to introduce new people working to enhance the fashion scene in the region — including designers, bloggers, fashion buyers and fashion show directors. Within these pages, you'll meet locals who've gone on to create successful fashion companies in other parts of the country. We also explore the hot trends for fall. Hopefully, through these stories, you'll be inspired to try something new.