Election Day 2016: You're gonna need a drink tonight. Here are some local options.

If you are able to weather tonight without calming the nerves, or perhaps celebrating... or maybe drowning your sorrows with a drink or two, well, congratulations. You are morally superior to the rest of us.

But in the event that you are going to tip back a few and bid farewell to this truly terrible election season, here are some ways to do it local:

Red, White and No-Li Pale Ale: This beer from No-Li Brewhouse is obviously patriotic, but it's also incredibly good. While the six-packs of cans won't be released for another week or so, you can get the 22-ounce bottles at most grocery stores. It's a super floral, citra-hopped brew that isn't overpowering, so you'll be able to comprehend the results at the bottom of your screen.

Washington Wheat Straight Bourbon 101: If you're more into the state races, and perhaps need something stronger, go with this Dry Fly Distillery bourbon. The wheat and the corn used to make this powerful booze was made right here in Washington, so you can be proud about that.

River City Red: If you want to get super local, take pride in this River City Brewing red ale named after Spokane. Bonus: you can get growlers of this, and any other beer, at the River City taproom for just $10.