For Your Consideration

Run The Jewels' New Year's gift, cutting comic and smooth rye whiskey

ALBUM | Hip-hop duo Run The Jewels became one of the most vital acts in modern music through their respective creative flows, their incendiary live shows and dedication to getting their music out to the masses by giving away their albums for free to fans paying attention. On Christmas Day, they surprise-dropped their new RUN THE JEWELS 3, a fine, politically charged addition to Killer Mike and El-P's catalog still available for free download at (accompanied by a hilarious video starring Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen). Be sure to spin tunes like "Talk to Me," "Don't Get Captured" and "Hey Kids" at maximum volume.

COMIC STRIP | Traditional and online media have plenty of "hot takes" on the impending Trump apocalypse, but no one is in better position to deliver funny and cutting perspective on the next president than Garry Trudeau and his decades-running DOONESBURY. Trudeau has been skewering Trump's greed-obsessed personality — as well as his hair — since the '80s, targeting the real-estate magnate mostly for how his business style tramples the rights of the little guy, a subject matter sure to remain relevant. Trudeau only does new strips on Sundays, and recent samples illustrate an artist newly inspired. Be sure to track down the Dec. 18 Doonesbury and its take on the White House press corps in the age of Trump.

DRINK | You might think that a Utah-based distillery wouldn't have much exciting to offer, given the teetotaling state's reputation for being vehemently anti-booze (I'm from there, and the reputation is well-deserved, if a bit overblown). When you see one of the High West products at the bar — and you can see it many places in the Inland Northwest — give it a try. The distillery specializes in rye whiskeys, and my favorite is the HIGH WEST DOUBLE RYE!, a blend of a 2-year-old rye with a super-smooth 16-year-old that's great by itself, or as the basis of an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. ♦