Crazy in love, solving homelessness, diverse art and morning headlines

Crazy in love, solving homelessness, diverse art and morning headlines
Art by Ric Gendron
See art inspired by Salish folktales (above), interactive video installations and more at "Saturate," a visual arts tour this weekend focused on artists from ethnic or cultural minorities.


The city of Spokane may be on the cusp of solving homelessness — and for those who are still homeless, the solution can't come fast enough.

CULTURE: Visual arts tour "Saturate" highlights cultural and ethnic diversity in Spokane and artists of color at the event from Spokane Arts, in place of First Friday for February.

SNOWLANDER: The Engerbretson duo, father Jeff and daughter Amie, have built successful careers based on their mutual love of skiing.


This is ourselves... under pressure
The No. 1 Zags survived the challenge from BYU on Thursday night, winning the tense match 85-75, though not for lack of nail-biting in the final stretch. (Spokesman-Review)

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
The Atlanta Falcons will face off against the New England Patriots this Sunday at 3:30 pm in Houston. Halftime performer Lady Gaga says she'll put on a performance people will "never forget" — hopefully not in the Janet-Jackson-wardrobe-malfunction way from 2004's Houston Super Bowl. (USA Today)

Alternative idea: Relive the Seahawks' 2014 Super Bowl win with an ice-cold No-"LI". (YouTube)

Queen Bey expands her hive (and breaks the Internet)
Beyoncé, 20-time Grammy winner and she of 1,000 nicknames, announced Wednesday on Instagram that she's having twins, earning her the world record for most-liked Instagram post. It was a social media dream: A post by Beyoncé, with good news in this new age of despair, and on the first day of Black History Month. Her release of a pregnancy photo album yesterday was just a victory lap. (Instagram, Huffington Post)