Readers respond to Paul Dillon's latest column; Spokane council's accidental action

Letters to the editor

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I just read Paul Dillon's article, "Under Attack" (6/1/17) I have never responded to a story or an article before. But I can't take it anymore! We need reporters now more than ever before. There's a lot more people who think we need reporters than not! Instead of pulling back you need to double down on the political process. You folks are our only eyes and ears out there. Awesome article. Keep up the good work!

Tammie Honican

Spokane Valley, Wash.

Readers respond to "Happy Accident" (6/1/17), our story about how a City Council-approved change in city code might have accidentally preempted an anti-illegal-immigration initiative on the November ballot:

Jeff Kuure: Right wingers are the ones who seem to think it's a serious criminal problem that causes massive irreparable damage and is therefore worthy of any amount of government spending and civil rights violations to enforce. And I don't mean to speak for all liberals, but to me, while technically illegal, it isn't a big deal, like smoking weed in pre-2012 Washington (or modern Idaho) or torrenting Game of Thrones.

Thomas Taylor: Yeah, it is a big deal. A) ICE statistics show a large number of illegals commit drug offenses and violent crime (they don't care about your human rights or political correctness). B) All the valid sources on the costs of illegal immigration have put the cost to U.S. taxpayers at well above $100 billion per year, and a more reasonable $250-500 billion every year. C) We pay for all of this. It's a big deal.

Mary K Simmons: Because American citizens don't do drugs or cause crimes of any sort, right? From what I've seen, I've seen American terrorists (Portland recently) and what about American serial killers? Remember Robert Yates? ♦