I Saw You

Week of July 6

Late night at the ER I saw you at the Sacred Heart Emergency Room late at night on the 26th, or perhaps it was the 27th. I was there on business, so to speak, and was assisting another individual with seeking care. You were cuddling a hospital pillow and a blanket when you alerted me to available seats. I was compelled to ask what brought you to the ER and you said that you were experiencing pain on the left side of your chest, and that you were in the waiting room for several hours. I was relieved for you when they finally called your name. You turned towards me as you walked away to greet an attending nurse and said "good luck." — I hope you were given a clean bill of health.

Visceral Cycle The Spokane County Republican Party: "Our political views, which were derived largely from our religious views (because this separation of church and state is just a ridiculous suggestion) prevent us from condoning the termination of ANY unintended pregnancy however, these same beliefs prevent us from endorsing a middle school sex education program which would prevent unintended pregnancies. So we're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Only the rock is crushing irony and the hard place is our shameful, unprecedented inflexibility."

OK, persistent red sweatshirt guy... I've been your waitress a few times recently, and you've left behind little notes for me on your receipts. The last one was Saturday night, 6/24. It was busy, and I neglected to go back at the end of the night and take a peek at the number you provided, or your name. (I feel like it was Tyler?) Anywho, I would just count on seeing you again on your next dining voyage — but I'm no longer working there. So this is my first creepy article submission, a little out of my element, but there was just something about you. I am realizing as I'm typing this that I haven't made another email address to put on here (see how bad I am at this creepin' thing?)... sooo I guess if you end up seeing this, feel free to proceed with the Inlander's counter-creepin' option provided and we can get in cahoots or something.

Sushi Maru Saturday 7/1 You: the beautiful brunette with shorter hair out for sushi with a friend. Me: the guy trying to look cool in his green motorcycle gear eating alone. OK so I'm a little slow to pick up on interest, but when I saw you both afterwards and you were like, "there he is" I kicked myself for not asking you for a date. If you want to go for sushi again, and maybe have a drink, I promise to be a little more forward. Hoping to see you again downtown. shane0312@hotmail.com

Great Summary! The (I'm guessing) gentleman that responded to the "Spokane Speeder" of the previous week diatribe covered the subject splendidly! My only concern is that the people that so desperately need to read his fine summary are probably either illiterate or wouldn't understand he was talking about them. However to those of us that drive a lot of the day — Well Done!

SOCCER for kids Cheers to Spokane Junior Soccer (www.SpokaneSoccer.org) for offering HALF price to anyone with financial need... no restrictions. They allow lower income families to participate and fulfill their stated goal of "more soccer, less cost".

Thank you Chas!!! A true cheers to Dr. Bass and the helpful and supportive staff at the Denny Murphy clinic. I went in to get all four wisdom teeth pulled and even though I was awake for the whole thing he was very calming and professional in his movements and confidence which put me at ease. The staff that put in their time at said clinic are also really nice and really made me relax. Once again thank you so much! My life is much better because of people like you and Chas! Cheers!!!

Re#3 Speeders/ Please don't move away I'll be forthcoming, I've not read the original jeers but I've deduced that it was a complaint about Spokane's drivers. The reply is what I'm here to critique. This trend of suggesting that people who complain about anything or want to improve anything should "just move" is absolutely ridiculous. And I sincerely hope that next time you drop something the person standing nearest to you pipes up and says, "Hey if you don't like gravity why don't you get in a space ship and move to the moon. Otherwise, stop complaining about how hard it is to get red wine out of your carpet." Your suggestion is that of someone who struggles with empathy and understanding. You confirmed this with your petty remarks about the grammatical errors in the original jeers. At this point you were clearly attempting to discredit this person by attacking his/her intellect. Reprehensible. Furthermore, I too have a problem with Spokane drivers. And I don't think that it's just plain bad luck that Spokane has such a high concentration of poor drivers. I would suggest that the curriculum taught in drivers' courses, and the materials used for testing, be severely scrutinized.

Dinner with Rosie & Carol W Dinner with these lovely ladies at Cathedral Plaza, Sat. night was lively, & fun! Carol 93 & Rosie a 30+ year tenant love living here just as Grama Fran does! lively talk and lots of fun!

priorities We all have priorities. Someone has been marking potholes with large spray painted phallic symbols. There is no high art here. A friend had to point out what they were because ... well, they weren't particularly well done. The city, here comes the priorities part, sent out a crew(s) to paint out the offending illustrations. The potholes stayed. Spokane, what if you repaired the potholes and eliminated the fuel that inspires the mad graffiti artist?

Inb ushers I went to see Phantom of the Opera for my 50th birthday. I was having a great time when after intermission a usher came to me and told me i had to be quiter. I was not loud but excited to see the show. I was upset and embarrassed so i almost left. The people around me supported me and said they never heard me. Maybe the stafff should have got onto the people that were on their phones the whole time the show was goimg. I was upset because the staff could have talked to me in private not in front of people. The inb should post their policy on the theater i heard more people louder than me but no one talked to them. Also there was people next to me talking all the time and people were coming in late.

en-TILED Jeers to the lady at the Spokane Valley Great Floors on 6/30/17. I was behind a display when you viciously and mercilessly belittled and degraded the young sales representative because you so carelessly ordered tile to be enstalled by the holiday weekend. It's not his fault the installer you contracted with to install your tile is going on vacation, or the fact you ordered too close to your installation date with no wiggle room. The next time you call anyone person in a sales position or service industry a mother-f**king moron to their face in front of other customers, or begin issuing demands, just remember you are not that entitled and you are lower than the tile on top of the foundation on top of the dirt on which you stand.

Re re spokane speeders Here is a message for the response to Spokane Speeders in language you may be able to understand. Less of people like you in the area would be an improvement. Perhaps another area of the country could use your pea brain because "your" not very smart. Duh!

Home Depot Customers Jeers to the customer at North Spokane Home Depot who walked in the door, cut the line I was waiting in, then yelled at the guy and girl processing returns that he needs service. We all need service and that's why we're in line! ♦