On The Street

What can be done to stop the epidemic of mass murders in America?


I believe that hurt people hurt people, and with going through certain types of violence from a young age, I believe it just breeds more violence. If we could learn how to understand each other better, we could really start to negate all that hate.


I think it would help if we had restrictions on who can buy guns, like, heavy restrictions. Of course there are people that can get them anyways, but if we restricted them it would be harder to get guns.


Let little boys play with bunnies and pick flowers or whatever, and don't freak out and turn it into a girly thing. Little boys are taught really early that killing things is cool, and that stuff carries on into adulthood.


We need more law-abiding citizens who need to exercise their Second Amendment right. Open carry is also legal in the state of Washington, so I just think more people need to carry. Quicker response time.


I believe we need to pursue common-sense legislation for once, and I think the time to talk about this is now.