I Saw You

Week of January 18

Sweet Treat I saw you on Sunday the 7th at Baskin Robins. You were pretty indecisive but ended up picking the cookie dough. I opted for a double scoop including brownie and cherry. I can't get your smile and contagious laugh off my mind. Can I buy you a scoop sometime?

We got it right I noticed you long before you knew. Before long, I was mustering up the courage to start small conversations with you. You were helping me through life, Which you have continued to do everyday since. In the process of helping me battle through dead end relationships and pushing me to adventureI shared my hopes and dreams with you. You did not agree with all of them especially my fierce belief: butterflies day in and day out (that last past the first years...(maybe even forever), attraction, happiness, the excitement that is there in a fresh relationship can last forever. The reason people do not always have it is because they settle too soon in life. I believe in crazy, stupid, intense, honest, beautiful love is real and it is possible to be IN love for the rest of life. The more I knew you, the braver I became. I was actively drawn to you as a whole- physically, emotionally, spiritually. I still am. I knew it was out there. I didn't know it would be with you. You are the most raw, talented, real, extraordinary, love of my life. Now more than ever, I only see you in a room full of people. This is that passionate love I knew was real- it may be once in a lifetime. Life after you, i will be forever be settling.

Spokane airport On Fri Jan 12th at gate C30 boarding a 5:12pm flight from Spokane to Seattle I had a teenage son and a very distraught daughter refusing to board the plane. It was a sad ordeal and a few people were close by hearing what was being said and talking to my daughter. Airport employees were great and handled situation properly but wanting to talk to others that witnessed this. Please contact concernedmomc30@outlook.com Thank you

Keith at AMC My son is a young man with special needs. He is very high functioning but some things confuse him. Last month he went to see the new Star Wars movie at AMC Riverpark Square. He paid his money, got his popcorn but got to the theater after the previews started running so it was dark and crowded and he got confused and couldn't find his seat. So he left. A few days later he tried again and I told him to get there early and find his seat before too may people were in the theater. He texted me excited that he had found his seat. A few minutes later he texted me that someone said he was in their seat, so again he got frustrated and left the theater. I immediately called the AMC office, worried that I would not reach anyone and once again he would miss the movie that he had paid for twice! After a brief recorded message a young man named Keith answered the phone. I was so thankful I had reached a person! I told him our situation and he was very sympathetic and said to have my son come back to the theater and he would get him into the movie. He met my son at the AMC customer service desk and got him a seat to see Star Wars. What personal, understanding, responsive service. I was very impressed! Thank you Keith!

Garage Hospitality Cheers to Lost Boys for admitting this beer loving Seattle transplant into your clubhouse. After welcoming me (loudly) as soon as I hit the door you proceeded to initiate me into Spokanes considerable craft beer scene. Your skilled (and hot) bartender knew her stuff and tickled my taste buds with River City Vanilla Bourbon Stout and Big Barn Nut Brown while quashing my hunger with a juicy Bacon Gouda burger. She filled my head with info about which breweries to visit and where they were located and then sent me on my way. Thanks for the great brews, tasty grub and welcoming staff!

Cheers to all loved ones past.... Cheers and respect to all our friends that have past on...... Uncle Bobby, Shelly Taylor, Ken keeney, Will Anderson, Douglas Lowery, Big Brian, Jamie bishop.....R.I.P.

Immigrants from 'sh*thole countries' Stand proud for helping to make this country a diverse, beautiful place. Some may feel immigrants (from non-white countries, of course) are taking our jobs, but many of us know there are plenty of resources, and jobs, to go around. Our leader is a racist, sexist, misogynistic son of immigrant parents...he doesn't speak for the masses- only for the ignorant. My brother-in-law came from El Salvador- you know, one of those s-hole countries, and he is the most generous, kind-hearted, and hard-working men I know. Cheers to you, Serg, and all immigrants who make this country a more beautiful and unique place to live.

Thank you for Lunch Thank you for buying us lunch at Le Brothers on Saturday. It was very generous of you. We paid it forward for the next customers. You were a wonderful example of kindness for my children and I appreciate it more than you know.

SNOW JOB Jeers to the City of Spokane for its hypocrisy! Citizens can incur a fine of $115 for failing to shovel their sidewalk under city law yet the City of Spokane neglects to shovel the Monroe Street Bridge sidewalk which they own and are responsible for its maintenance. You owe yourself a $115 fine!

Cable/Internet cost increase, why? Why do I feel sad & hopeless when I send in my payment to this company, the richest cable company in the US, owner of NBC, & magnificent entertainment parks when they increase my internet service charge by $6.00. Because after doing business w/them for 12 years & having to give up too expensive cable, they insidiously sneak in this charge after giving me, just 2 months ago, a charge of $44.87 for just internet. (now $50.87) Are they so mighty that they don't even have to give an explanation? No wonder why the Spokane community feels like they don't matter.

Re: Fast Food Workers Hey buddy why don't you find something else to complain about. Like we have other orders and if we screw it up maybe you should go somewhere else. And all the money you say you waste, why don't you take your lazy a** and go buy groceries to "cook!" And when we have long hours without being able to take days off I think we are aloud to make a mess up or two. We're only human like you buddy I mean unless your some sort of god that never messes up and makes mistakes! "Excuse us your highness!" This society has so much to complain about its pathetic! Quit with the whining, excuses and everything. Do it yourself and quit being ignorant and lazy! We work hard enough as it is to have people making complaints every time we turn around. I'm so sick of it! Just shut the hell up already and GET OVER IT! -thankyou and have a nice day(suck it) ;) Not so steamy.

Jeers to a South Hill gym. A steam sauna that never works consistently is worthless. Quit showing it off to the new member prospects. It rarely works so just give up and get turn it into a storage closet. What a joke.

Hm, not a tempting offer Attaction does not give you a right to someone's body. You are not entitled to a smile. You are not entitled to a hello back. How about this; you leave someone alone that doesn't want anything to do with you? I don't have to talk or even acknowledge you, I shouldn't have to smile at you to get you to leave me alone. I shouldn't have to hope that you won't follow me down the damn street if I don't even look at you. You are not entitled to me, or anyone else. Get over yourself and leave people alone that don't want to talk. Maybe, just maybe, I woke up this morning wanting to live my life and not have to deal with being hit on by dirty old men? One day without dealing with this crap would be nice. ♦