I Saw You

Week of January 25

Korean ingredient at Trader Joes You were at Trader Joes South Hill on MLK Day, checking out with one item, I was behind you in line and remarked about that. It was Korean, you said it was for a recipe you were making. We exchanged smiles as you were leaving. You have great energy! Same time(3:30) & Place Mon 1/22 ?

Cheese Pirate I saw you, looking like a pirate, with your curly brown ponytail and teal shirt on, Thursday the 18th at the Main Market. You were looking for booty in the cheese section. I was in the blue cartigan, grabbing a Hanson's soda and contemplating a bottle of wine. Wanna grab a 3 buck meal next week??

You Should Know ...better. We were phone/filming the revelers and dancers that night. You left with someone's belongings that were parked on a seat. Not yours. We have it on camera. You should know better than to leave with that "mistake", and then not do the right thing. Thinking a reward is offered for the safe return of that coat. Take it back. You really want this attached to the information gathered, thus far? Be brave, not stupid. That doesn't work out in the end. Happy New Year!! You're gonna need "one" if you think your actions are justified.

Lightning Before The Thunder To the four girls driving on Boone street after the Spokane chiefs game Saturday 11/20. Thanks for admiring my emphatic singing while I was parked next to you at the light. There was no time to get any numbers as I had to take the chorus. If any or all of you want to hit up a chiefs game again some time let me know, and perhaps I'll serenade you with another song if you're lucky. If you think this might be you then email me at gochiefsgo27@gmail.com

U helped! Morning of the 16th U 2 men helped our son who had fallen on the ice downtown near the 7-11 on division. Got him up,offered to call 911 then helped him complete his errand and saw him home safe. Thank you so much. Words cannot express our gratitude. Faith in mankind restored.

Cheers Mr. President & involved citizens that can still talk to each other! Whatever shortcomings you have, and there are plenty just like the rest of us, I see companies giving bonuses and hiring workers. I estimate my taxes dropping by a considerable amount, North Korea and South Korea are going to bargaining table for the first time in a few years. 401Ks are way up, and I no longer see news stories in the paper every few days that make me want to wrap my head in duct tape so it doesn't explode. I'm in a better mood day in and day out, America is on the rise again and we're not being pushed around by countries and people that will never like us anyway. Here's to you Donald. One year in, I am convinced I cast the correct vote last year. Cheers also to people from both parties that can discuss politics like adults, without shouting, turning backs on speakers or demonizing the "other side". Most of us try to be good people, we love our kids and try to make the world a better place we just have some disagreements about how we get there. Cheers "clink" & drink.

KEITH AT AMC I'm replying to last weeks "Cheers" section about the gentleman named Keith who helped a high functioning young man with some special needs find a seat for the new Star Wars movie. I don't know the person who wrote the original Cheers and I don't know Keith from AMC. All I know is that this post made my day, as I'm sure Keith made that young mans day! Keith, you will be remembered in these peoples lives for a long time, if not forever. Maybe you were just doing your job, but your compassion is something that I hope you never lose in life! Kudos to you!

Women's Marchers Cheers to the wonderfully diverse group of men and women who filled the streets of Spokane this Sunday. Change is not something to be handed down to us by our betters, but something we must demand for ourselves. The enormous group that turned out to bring attention to a wide range of human rights issues brought warmth to my heart. Thanks as well to the police officers, firefighters, and volunteer peacekeepers keeping an eye on things. You all rock, keep fighting the good fight.

Here we go again Cheers to Inlander for putting the wisdom of Robert Herold and Jen Sorenson on the same page (it's easier to turn the page faster). His writings are always personal opinion sprinkled with a couple facts. In the January 18th issue one claim is we won't really get a tax cut. We'll know next month. I'm sure he'll apologize if he's wrong. Jen Sorenson hates Trump so much she probably doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day. Maybe we should send her a card. Don't worry be happy!

Caught Ya You're on our camera with that coat you took, New Year's Eve at the piano bar. We filmed with our phones, as we partied. It's not yours. We told your friends to suggest you do the correct "thing", and return it. They seemed concerned, and not at all cowardly. Your motive is known only to you. No excuse to not return it. Maybe you already have a police record? If not that, your "record" with your friends is shoddy, in the integrity and honesty columns. Get it right. Turn it around. They'll respect you, if they even tell you they know.......Perhaps they've just moved on. Nobody prefers the company of a thief.

Brown Snow Boneheads A colossal jeers to the dog owners who don't pick up their waste where kids sled at Downriver. There aren't words adequate enough to describe your level of suck!

Don't air your dirty laundry So I'm at a local laundromat (because that's my life now). It's a clean, "family-friendly" place where good folks come to clean their stuff. Great staff. Anyway, there's this guy in there having a loud, animated discussion on his phone about how people "f'ed him" (I'm editing here). "Dude," I'm thinking, "can't you see the kids in here? Can't you see the adults quickly and quietly moving away from your general location? Do you have to talk about this stuff here? And now?" I was listening to music with earbuds in, and now I know way more about this guys life than I need to. I had my fill when he started talking about "the Jew"...no name, just "the Jew" over and over again. Sir, I think a greater concern to you should be your health...morbidly obese men shouldn't get so worked up...you're a heart attack in waiting. If you want to air your dirty laundry (see what I did there), don't do it in public. Get help. ♦