Tips for when you get too high

As much as pot can be used as a cure for one's anxieties, the mood enhancer can sometimes be fickle and counterproductive. For veterans, the idea of getting "too high" is well out of sight in the rear view mirror, but many recreational users still plunge too far into the deep end when lighting up. Here are some quick solutions to help you handle your intensely inebriated introspection.


Similar to how the terpenes in your herb help dictate your pot experience, the terpenes in certain foods are linked to the effects of THC on your brain. The terpene limonene, found in lemons, has shown a link to the modulation of THC's effects on the brain. So if you're lucky enough to have a couple of lemons lying around, make some fresh squeezed lemonade. Hell, throw in the rind with it.

Similarly, black peppercorn hosts a terpene named "beta-caryophyllene." Apparently, the black pepper's terpene has a similar profile to the cannabis terpenes that counteract paranoia and anxiety. Whiffing some freshly cracked peppercorns should result in some quick alleviation. Just be prepared to sneeze.


Sure, it's easy to say now, but worrying about your time in the haze is only going to make things worse. You can't overdose on weed. Dwelling on your predicament or mentally pacing is only going to exasperate your time high further.

There are a few tasks you can do to distract yourself while also promoting mental and physical cognition. If you're able, hop into the shower. Few things reinvigorated the nervous system quite like a shower. Go outside and get some fresh air. A little secluded stroll or simple breathing exercise can greatly help your blood flow. But if you're feeling a bit weak or light headed, lying down can do wonders for your heart rate and clock-watching.


CBD may be the most sound antidote to your THC troubles. Studies have shown the incredible relationship of the two, which allows for the enhancement of THC's painkilling abilities while simultaneously diminishing the paranoia and anxiety that can come from the psychoactive compound.

The important thing here is to always look for the THC and CBD ratio when shopping for your quick fix CBD elixir. Many CBD strains still contain a considerable THC component, which won't really help diminish the THC already present in your body. Also consider that inhaling CBD will act faster than ingesting CBD oils as they're absorbed straight into your bloodstream rather than traveling to your stomach and liver first. ♦