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Re: “Positive Protest

Your arguments are vague and invalid. A protest isn't righteous simply because it's a protest. Sometimes people's agendas in a protest are heinous (pro-segregation, etc.). Sometimes the protesters are predominantly violent, not the opposition. Sometimes they're initially the aggressors. Riots are never good and further complicate social progress. Saying we'd better listen (translation: agree) to protesters or they'll riot is a lame threat. Sometimes when children want attention/feel unheard/didn't get their way, they throw tantrums. Bad attention, Mariah, bad attention. The actual spilling of the actual tea was pretty much the only non-violent part of the Boston tea party- citing the entire event as non-violent is silly. Postulating that Donald Trump will ruin the world, before he even takes office, unless "we" do something is juvenile. No one's trying to take your free speech. But if you want to be heard and recognized (in a positive way), try saying something constructive, intelligent or useful.

12 likes, 43 dislikes
Posted by andrewc on 12/26/2016 at 6:17 PM

Re: “Class Act

Good lord. This is incoherent. Are you suggesting rich people should just live adjacent to poor people? For what reason? Do you, Mariah, live amongst hobos? Are you willing to sacrifice all of your wealth (maybe at least the cost of your next jaunt to New England) so that you might understand the crackhead better? Maybe everybody should just have equal everything. Sounds plausable. Hey, at least broad oversimplification is constructive (sarcasm). Btw, I feel no shame in filing a code complaint about MY neighbor because he had stacked "junk" (piles of putrid mattresses) in his yard. It's not necessarily a class thing. It's a rats-and-plague-and-mold-and-disease thing. At least the code department of Spokane agrees with my opinion.

7 likes, 54 dislikes
Posted by andrewc on 09/28/2016 at 6:30 PM

Re: “To Kill the Black Snake

Bro, sorry for the lame #&$+"*, dude. Yeah. But, words good, man. Brain no hurt if book gets read-ed 'n stuff. Some serious advice: use dictionary. Look up genocide. And how nice of you to judge my capacity for compassion based on the color of my skin and my ancestory. Your visionary outlook on world peace and unity is inspiring.

4 likes, 69 dislikes
Posted by andrewc on 09/12/2016 at 11:06 PM

Re: “To Kill the Black Snake

Robyn Lawson:
No, I don't think our modern government is trying to exterminate, or further the extermination, of indigenous peoples. Postulating that American native policy, in fact, is currently the same as it was in the 19th century is asinine. Obviously reasonable contracts should be upheld. The constitution is still valid, though possibly in need of a few revisions (not sure where that one came from). I don't think you're the one to be educating anyone on any of this. I'm not even going to respond to the white people query, because it just plain didn't make sense, but I feel like it's probably offensive.

On a separate note: I've noticed quite a few posts claiming rights to certain lands, specifically those involved in this dispute. If Tara's interpretation of natives is correct, and no one can "possess the land," then why is only when "your" land is encroached upon that you protest so vehemently? Shouldn't you have the same opposing vigor for all oil malfeasance- globally? Not that I question land rights, I just think you're hypocrites. Sound, cogent logic is fundamental to a persuasive argument.

10 likes, 74 dislikes
Posted by andrewc on 09/12/2016 at 11:22 AM

Re: “To Kill the Black Snake

You know, this time you started off with a fairly reasonable stance on a legitimate topic; one worthy to opine journalistically. Those last few paragraphs, however.....boilerplate trite hyperbole, as usual. Who are these people, to whom you refer, that openly deny the solidarity, integrity or legitimacy of indigenous cultures? And how exactly does this relate to the topic at hand? Where are the masses of hateful (presumably white, based on your other writings) Americans who attempt to debase native Americans in such ways? Your depiction of native culture (and everyone else, frankly) seems more akin to a caricature than reality. Anyone not of native heritage would most likely be admonished for such stereotypes. Pride is one thing, divisive arrogance, another. Our current government has no "mass genocidal policy," btw. That was 150 years ago and beyond. Your words are intentionally misleading and incendiary. Allow, nurture and embrace change, lady.

31 likes, 336 dislikes
Posted by andrewc on 09/11/2016 at 7:11 PM

Re: “A Broken World


I give you credit for responding to those who comment on your article. Much of what you did was still reckless and misguided. What if that woman had robbed, attacked or murdered you? Then you're a victim and she's a criminal. Nobody wins. Nobody benefits. You, a common civilian- not a professional, put both people in a dangerous situation without a solid plan. I'm sure that homeless person doesn't appreciate being part of your conviction-building social experiment. I'm sure the police don't appreciate you attempting to be a vigilante. You could have done all the research necessary to have a plan (or not- and then decide to not act) from your smart phone before engaging that lady. Your naivete is dangerous. Encouraging people to interact with drug-crazed, mentally unstable homeless people, and invite them into their homes, is very irresponsible and dangerous. If you want to help: change the system, create a new system or at least organize better before you take the hands-on approach. Complex issues such as this warrant more thoughtful solutions than impulsively flailing your emotions to everyone's detriment.

3 likes, 64 dislikes
Posted by andrewc on 08/10/2016 at 5:51 PM

Re: “A Broken World

For some reason, initially, I figured you wouldn't like the real solutions to helping those who don't want to be helped, in this particular situation: forcibly detaining them and enforcing detox against their will/professionally scooping them up off the streets/involuntarily institutionalizing them indefinitely. Then I read your response to a few comments. Now I'm confused. You seem confused, based on the inconsistent tone of your writing. Inviting a drug addled crazy into your house to have a snack and a bath won't help anybody and is insanely dangerous. It contradicts the acknowledgement of the real threat these folks pose, hence the need for their detainment. Yeah, I know: peace, love, unity, sprinkles and flowers. But if you want this lady to have a better life, the logical fix doesn't involve soft pillows and ice cream fairies, rather it requires the conviction to administer some tough love.

3 likes, 78 dislikes
Posted by andrewc on 08/03/2016 at 1:31 PM

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