Corita Kent, Flowers for Mary Lavender
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art WSU
Corita Kent, Flowers for Mary Lavender

Art & Healing: Works by Jim Dine and Corita Kent

This exhibition of works from the museum’s Jim Dine and Corita Kent print collections helps demonstrate some of the healing aspects of art: Rich and vibrant use of color may make the viewer feel strong and healthy, while cool colors or pastels may be found soothing and calming. Likewise, organic imagery and references to plants and animals may be found life-affirming, reminding viewers of the incredible resiliency of the natural world. The bold strokes and shapes as well as the finer gestural lines and textures found in these works reference the art-making process itself, which is often regarded as therapeutic in its own right. Song lyrics and quotations by well-known authors are also made visible in Corita Kent’s art, reminding the viewer that the performing arts and literature are also part of art and healing. Finally, attending to each detail of a work of art is an act of mindfulness in itself, centering us in the present moment. Through Aug. 7, open Tue-Sat 1-4 pm, Sat 10 am-4 pm.

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