I am grateful for days that flow: When carpool duties include sing-alongs, clients leave with a spring in their step, my hairdresser crafts an especially chic cut and the day wraps up with a perfectly timed hug over ice cream. However, it seems that being "in the flow" — finding that perfect balance among career, family and social lives — isn't a place we permanently land, but rather a state we seek to return to again and again.

Maybe that's because we aren't really clear about what our ideal balance looks like and the ways we can guide our actions to create that balance more quickly and, with practice, for longer stretches of time.

Here's one way to get there. Do you have your notebook and pen ready? Create a list of your top priorities. These are the areas of life — your unique set of Balance Zone Indicators — where you want to devote your time, energy and resources. They may be related to family, career, spirituality, health or social relationships. When you've got your own personal categories, take some time to rate your current level of satisfaction in each area on a scale from one to 10.

What areas are out of whack with your values? Here's your alignment opportunity! Take a small step, maybe two, to raise your satisfaction level. You are on your way to being in balance once again. And if you alignment opportunity happens to be in the area of family, perhaps more hugs (ice cream optional) could be your first small step.

Carla Brannan is a personal life coach in Spokane.

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