Bars in Downtown Spokane

Eighty-six bars, taverns and lounges from A to Zola

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our focus here was on bars that have opened since our last guide two years ago, as well as on great older bars we didn’t cover last time (like Italian Kitchen, Fizzie Mulligan’s and Scoreboard). Then we tackled as many other dives, lounges and distilleries as our wallets and livers could afford. Naturally, we probably missed your favorite place. And we totally short-changed a couple of neighborhoods. But we will live to drink — and report back — another day. Until then, hoist a glass to those who keep us all in the suds. Cheers — Joel Smith, Section Editor

416 W. Sprague | 624-3629
Forget the Casbah — the A Club is all about class. Made up of a ballroom, a pool room and a smaller space (where live jazz is performed on Wednesdays), this is a stylish joint. The kind of place where you can dance to live music, wear big ol’ cocktail rings, sip martinis and feel kinda special. (LS) STYLE: High society HAPPY HOUR: Wed-Sat 7-9 pm

830 W. Sprague | 473-9180
Across the street from the swanky Davenport Hotel, this bistro is appropriately fancy — with big windows, high ceilings, modern, funky overhead lighting, glowing fish tanks and candles lining the bar. The music is soft and the TVs are silent, making it a decent place to chat and sip Patrón with a special someone. (JF) STYLE: High-end tequila bar HAPPY HOUR: Daily 4-6 pm, 10 pm-midnight

1401 W. First Ave. | 744-1111
Straddling that no-man’s-land between downtown Spokane and Browne’s Addition, Andy’s is a good place to get a drink on your way downtown, on the way out, or both. Or simply hang out for a while. The big windows offer great views of slow traffic and the river’s gorge. (ND) STYLE: Downtown outpost HAPPY HOUR: Daily 4-7 pm

510 N. Lincoln St. | 328-9009
It’s the view, stupid. Yes, they have a pleasant beer and wine selection, and yes, there’s an imaginative cocktail list (try the roasted pear martini or the Paloma — a blend of tequila and grapefruit). But the whole point here is to sit by the window and stare down at the raging falls below. Nothing finer. (JS) STYLE: Seafood restaurant HAPPY HOUR: Daily 3:30-6:30 pm

245 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. | 456-0350
Azteca is known for its Mexican food, but don’t forget la barra. Snack on quesadillas while you sip a specialty margarita. (NJ) STYLE: Mexican HAPPY HOUR: Daily 3-7 pm and 9 pm-close, all day Monday

827 W. First Ave. | 874-1234
Though the Baby Bar’s capacity is small, the best jukebox in town and the amiable staff and patrons make for what is perhaps our best overall bar. (JE) STYLE: Tiny hipster bar

108 N. Post St. | 624-8464
Its small size, built-in waterfall and gently twinkling fiber optics in the ceiling make Bistango feel exclusive and hip. (NJ) STYLE: Glitterati HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Sat 3-6 pm

15 S. Howard St. | 838-5787
This downtown hot spot has a great beer selection but can get crowded and sweaty. Catch trivia on Tuesdays and live music on the weekends. (NJ) STYLE: 20-something trolling HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 4-7 pm

333 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. | 455-7826
The Blvd is the grungiest live music venue in Spokane — plus, they keep it real with 16-ounce cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon. (BK) STYLE: Rock, hip-hop club

122 S. Monroe St. | 835-4177
At this spin-off of the Brooklyn Deli, you can hear live music on a delightfully out-of-tune piano and order fresh sandwiches from the nice folks next door. (JS) STYLE: Alley HAPPY HOUR: Wed-Sat 4-6 pm, Tue 4 pm-close

332 N. Spokane Falls Ct. | 445-6690
Shenanigan’s is an unexpected haven nestled between the river and the Convention Center. Try a beer or two from their own Big Horn Brewery. (LS) STYLE: Brewery plus HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm, Daily 9 pm-close

144 S. Cannon St. | 456-8660
Marron is a nice place to meet up for a casual glass of wine, an after-work cocktail or some of those fancy French fries they make there. They close up shop around 8 pm, so make Marron’s signature Open Garage Door or the Cannon St. Cosmo the first drinks of your night out. (LS) STYLE: Jeans and white tablecloth HAPPY HOUR: Daily 3-6 pm

110 S. Monroe St. | 838-4610
Buried underground, with exposed-rock walls and a massive pizza oven, Catacombs is located in what used to be the Montvale Hotel’s boiler room. It’s often overlooked by downtown drinkers, which is a shame. Order a pizza to share and a couple of frosty mugs. (JF) STYLE: Dungeon-like pub HAPPY HOUR: Daily, 5-6 pm, 9 pm-close

1406 W. Third Ave. | 747-1121
There’s an expansive restaurant here with row after row of tables, but during our visit, there wasn’t a single person in sight — not even a waitress. Everyone, it turned out, was in the lounge, which was dark and sagging from years of abuse (not unlike the clientele). One hard drinker sitting at the bar hung his head the whole time, apparently asleep, and the friendly bartender removed his glass without disturbing him. (JF) STYLE: Dive

207 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. | 458-2345
Visit the Chili’s bar for a fun restaurant atmosphere and great food. Catch cheap margaritas and draft beer during happy hour. (NJ) STYLE: Mexican HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 2-6 pm, all day Monday.

321 W. Sprague | 315-9469
Go to Club Emp on the right night — when there’s a specific party going on — and it’s a hopping party destination, replete with Spokane’s version of the Jersey Shore cast. Go on the wrong night, and it’s a ghost club with a few drunks dancing in the fighting cage. Take a peek before you go in if you want a guaranteed fist-pumping night. (CJ) STYLE: Nightclub

516 W. Main Ave. | 624-9000
A huge moose with a Bubba Gump hat lords over the beer, wine, spirits and 13 draft beers. (JS) STYLE: Restaurant kitsch HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Sat 4-7 pm, Fri-Sat 10 pm-close, all day Sun

909 W. First Ave. | 747-5362
Spokane’s premier gay dance club offers a full bar, dinner and lounge food and is known for being very straight-friendly. (NJ) STYLE: Dance club HAPPY HOUR: Daily 3-7 pm

217 N. Division | 747-5638
Smaller than the next-door Fast Eddie’s, Dolce draws a similar college-age party crowd, though perhaps more spiffed up and ready for the dance floor. On many a night you can catch guys playing beer pong as their ladies groove to a DJ’s house music. STYLE: Fratty (JF)

141 S. Cannon St. | 624-5412
A tiny hole-in-the-wall around the corner from the Elk (get it?) is quickly becoming a Browne’s Addition favorite. They specialize in tequilas (including an inventive assortment of infusions) and taco-truck type food. It’s truly tiny, so it’s sometimes hard to squeeze in large groups. (JF) STYLE: Taco bar

1931 W. Pacific Ave. | 363-1973
This Browne’s Addition landmark is an old standby for a less-than-pretentious food-and-beverage experience. (LS) STYLE: Neighborhood pub

171 S. Washington St. | 838-9819
A mainstay of Spokane’s music scene, Empyrean recently moved from Madison Street to the former Big Dipper. It was a lateral move, musically, but an upgrade in terms of their kitchen and bar. And while they still can’t serve hard alcohol, if you’re into catching great music while you drink beer, it doesn’t get much better than this. (JS) STYLE: Coffee house

125 S. Wall St. | 455-4051
A cozy place to take a date, Europa is a good option when thinking of dinner or splitting a bottle of wine and an appetizer. (JF) STYLE: Wine/cocktail lounge HAPPY HOUR: Daily 2-4 pm, Fri-Sat 9 pm-close, all day Sunday

1001 W. First Ave. | 455-3429
Far West continues to be a mainstay of the downtown drinking scene, with a spacious bar, lots of pool tables and dart boards. (JF) STYLE: Pool HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm, Wed 3-9 pm

1 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. | 455-8752
Loud, sometimes sticky and almost always busy, Fast Eddie’s has a reputation as a college bar and meat market, which is often true. (JF) STYLE: Sports HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 4-7 pm, all day Sunday

718 W. Riverside Ave. | 315-8765
The red curtains along the walls at this piano bar are sexy as hell, and the long wooden tables force you into deep conversations with people you’ve never met, because the seats are limited and you’ve got to share. When Jimi Finn and Steve Ridler are pounding the keys, you may not want to pound the margaritas (they’re expensive and kind of sour). Instead, try a Sex on the Piano. (TLM) STYLE: Piano bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Sat 4-7 pm

204 N. Division | 744-0438
Order a beer and get first-rate bar food in this stained-wood-and-brass bar. (JF) STYLE: Pub HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Thu 4-7 pm, Sun 4 pm-close

1011 W. Broadway Ave. | 473-9625
What self-respecting government bureaucrat wouldn’t like a place to shoot pool during lunch? Opened since December 2009, spacious and bright Hale’s Bar & Grill — across the street from the Spokane County Courthouse — serves up burgers, beer and sandwiches with pool, darts, Golden Tee and a half-dozen flat-screen TVs. (JS) STYLE: Neighborhood/lunch-hour hangout HAPPY HOUR: Daily 5-7 pm

115 N. Washington St. | 838-4600
Herbal Essence is more an eating destination than a drinking one. Its bar — with its Formica counter and typo-riddled menu (Captian Morgan?) — hasn’t really found its personality. Still, it’s a pleasant enough place to wait for a table. Try the Smith & Craigen — a sweet cocktail made with Kahlua, cacao and root beer. (JS) STYLE: Restaurant bar

825 W. Riverside Ave. | 747-2085
Fantastic food from DeLeon’s Mexican Deli next door, better-than-average beer selection and a million TVs ensure a good game-viewing experience. (JB) STYLE: Sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm and 9 pm-close

401 W. Main Ave. | 747-3946
This local favorite offers an unusual tap selection, surprising reserves of port and Scotch and an extremely varied menu. (JS) STYLE: Restaurant

821 E. Third Ave. | 534-7777
Though it’s primarily a waiting area for when this Japanese restaurant gets crowded, this unexpected find would be a great place to spend the evening. (JE) STYLE: Sushi house

100 North Hayford Rd., Airway Heights | (877) 871-6772
Just west of downtown, there’s Impulse nightclub, with jazz on Sunday nights and a DJ on weekends, is just one of six full service bars or lounges at the Northern Quest Casino. There’s also Liquid, the Q sports bar and the Legends of Fire cigar bar. (KT) STYLE: Casino

415 W. Sprague | 624-4450
All walks of life come through Irv’s. It has plenty of seating and pool tables along with club nights on Friday and Saturday. (TLM) STYLE: Club/gay-friendly bar HAPPY HOUR: Daily 2-8 pm

21 W. Main Ave. | 624-0660
With soft, blue lighting and a hearty steak and seafood menu, Isabella’s is a premier date destination in Spokane. (JE) STYLE: Classy HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Sat 3-6 pm, all day Sunday

113 N. Bernard St. | 363-1210
Italian Kitchen’s bar has a lot going for it. It smells terrific. It’s old-world dark, cozy, with high ceilings and a pair of intimate, recessed booths. But while it boasts almost 40 Italian wines, its cocktail menu is a bore. Stock the bar with Italian rarities — Fernet-Branca, Aperol, Cynar — and mix modern drinks with Roman ingenuity, and this could be one of the hipper bars in town. (JS) STYLE: Restaurant bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3:30-5:30 pm

421 W. Sprague | 838-7613
Talk about a lot of liquor. This gin joint has everything, plus plenty of seating. (TM) STYLE: Classy gin joint HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm

230 S. Washington St. | 744-9947
This is a place where everybody knows your name — but if they don’t, they’re not about to learn it now. (LS) STYLE: Dive HAPPY HOUR: Daily 4-7 pm

919 W. Sprague | 244-3279
One of the region’s premier mid-size music venues, Knitting Factory also a full-size bar. Just don’t expect to belly up without visiting the box office first. (JS) STYLE: Nightclub

408 W. Sprague | 624-8624
Woe to anyone who walks away from the Lamp Post because they only accept cash. This is one of the best bars on planet Earth, and the staff says there’s an ATM… somewhere. (LS) STYLE: Dive

108 N. Washington St. | 315-8623
First, we’ll mention the Gorgonzola and honey bruschetta on the appetizer list. Then, we’ll discuss the expansive wine list, the cheap wine flights and the knowledgeable service. Of course, we won’t forget the fancy beers. And we’ll end near the fireplace on oh-so-soft chairs. (ND) STYLE: Swank hideaway HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm

110 E. Fourth Ave. | 747-3371
See Hotel Bars STYLE: Hotel bar HAPPY HOUR: Daily 4-7 pm

205 W. Riverside Ave. | 456-5678
The newly expanded and remodeled Lion’s Lair now has live music and DJs, outdoor seating and a new food menu. (NJ) STYLE: Hip-hop theme

245 W. Main Ave. | 624-5226
You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the time when Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe defined the word “class.” Don’t get called a “pimp” or a “bum” by wearing your sweatpants to this joint, but be sure to check out their four-page wine list. (TLM) STYLE: Italian lounge HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Thu 4-7 pm

522 W. Riverside Ave. | 838-3332
This hottie-loaded lounge offers a different martini every week. The Bacardi Dragonberry goes great with ginger ale and the Stoli Strawberry pairs well with fresh basil (and the pink ladies’ room). Take your date upstairs, where the strobes don’t reach. It’s way more intimate up there. (TLM) STYLE: Martini bar/club HAPPY HOUR: Daily 5-8 pm

205 S. Washington St. | 624-4206
Fifty-cent pool, surly regulars, suspicious bartenders and terrifying bathrooms. It all adds up to possibly the best dive in Spokane. (JS) STYLE: Dive

707 W. Main Ave.| 926-8000
The Melting Pot’s bar combines two things revered by nearly every human being: alcohol and melted cheese. Plan a visit for this reason alone. It’s a relaxing spot that remains calm even when it’s full. Try a popular Love Martini, made with peach schnapps, Malibu rum and cranberry juice, with your fondues. (CJ) STYLE: Cocktail lounge HAPPY HOUR: 4-6 pm and 9 pm-close

MIXX 916
916 W. First Ave. | 244-3279
A great place to do dinner and drinks before a show at the Knitting Factory next door. Plus, the bouncers let you in the concert hall from here before they do the losers waiting in the hallway. Get first dibs on the good seats. (TLM) STYLE: Lounge HAPPY HOUR: 4-8 pm on show days

214 N. Howard St. | 747-2004
Great wine and cocktail selection and decent everything else in an excellent, dark, slightly bohemian setting. (LB) STYLE: Upscale restaurant

9 N. Washington St. | 868-0284
It’s a piece of So Cal right in downtown, with the requisite beach decor: surfboards, fishing nets and shells hanging from the walls and ceiling, plus a thatch-hut bar. The location’s perfect — right around the corner from several Sprague Avenue bars — and besides drinks, you can pick up a late-night slice of pizza. (JF) STYLE: So Cal beach bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 5-7 pm

406 W. Sprague Ave. | 838-1570
Not even new ownership has gotten this bar to switch up its formula of lifelong regulars, stiff drinks and good music in a place that can get cramped if the party’s raging enough. (LB) STYLE: Hipster dive

816 W. Sprague | 456-3594
The bar here is more of a counter, but it’s a great place to drink wine and watch the kitchen crew at work. (JS) STYLE: Upscale eclectic

725 W. Riverside Ave. | 624-7444
With a calm atmosphere, warm lighting and jazz piped through the sound system, Niko’s is a place for enjoying good wine and good conversation. (DN) STYLE: Upscale

525 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. | 747-0322
With great food and even better tap beers like Guinness and Harp, O’Doherty’s is Spokane Drinking 101. (BM) STYLE: Pub

152 S. Monroe St. | 624-8916
The bar at the Old Spaghetti Factory could be cool if it weren’t at the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was dead and closing when we arrived at 9 pm on a Friday, but the space itself was surprisingly chic, with a huge wood bar-back, plush booths, a backgammon tabletop and 10 or so inexpensive cocktails. (JS) STYLE: Family Italian

221 N. Wall St. | 624-1853
If you’re looking for friendly service and a family atmosphere, don’t miss the bar here, where they also offer wine sampling and unique Italian drinks. (NJ) STYLE: Italian restaurant

302 W. Riverside Ave. | 747-3852
This is a little slice of Northwest traditionalism, with hearty burgers and onion rings to go along with old-fashioned beer on tap. (DN) STYLE: Restaurant

801 W. Main Ave. | 456-2166
Yes, it’s a chain, but with a good location, tons of tables and good food, it’s not a bad place to down a cold one (or two) in a frosty glass. Pull up to the bar (a great option if there’s a wait) order some lettuce wraps, and imagine you’re at the P.F. Chang’s in Vegas or perhaps Schaumburg, Illinois. (JF) STYLE: Trendy chain

2001 W. Pacific Ave. | 624-0236
Increasingly good pizza, rotating taps, some wine and summertime patio seating make this a cool Browne’s Addition hangout. (JS) STYLE: Pizza pub HAPPY HOUR: Daily open-6 pm and 8-9 pm

303 W. North River Dr., Red Lion Inn at the Park | 326-8000
When you’re tired of your usual haunts, pretend you’ve never been to Spokane and visit this comfy-chair hotel hangout. Sip a glass of the special, and let the bartender tell you what you can do while you’re in town. Or ask for a graveyard-style Red Devil if you’re not planning on going anywhere soon. (ES) STYLE: Hotel lounge HAPPY HOUR: Daily 4:30-6 pm

10 S. Post | 455-8888
The Davenport’s signature swill spot has a gaudy, luxurious feel — just like the hotel. (LB) STYLE: High-end hotel

1 N. Post St. | 789-6900
Location, location, location. Since opening last fall, this modern, unassuming downtown pub has seemed to pack the house with tourists, businesspeople, lawyers and the like. Beer aficionados bemoan the draft selection — which, while it includes 20 rotating tabs, lacks many surprises. But if you want a fried pickle, this is your place. (JF) STYLE: Business pub

1007 W. First Ave. | 456-5656
Officially the restaurant bar for Scratch, next door, Rain stands on its own as a swank cocktail lounge and an occasional music venue. Bathed in blue light and offering up clams, mussels and frog legs, it prides itself on being all wet. Dive into their house Rain Drop. (JS) STYLE: Martini bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 4-6 pm and 10 pm-close, Wed all afternoon

523 W. First Ave. | 747-0556
Raw’s dance offerings are way off mainstream but never alienating. The bar is a quick alternative. (LB) STYLE: Nightclubby

126 N. Division St. | 835-5466
The drinks are strong and cheap, the barbecue is reasonably priced and the service is first rate. You won’t leave Red Lion hungry or short-poured. (NJ) STYLE: Sports/barbecue HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 11 am-6 pm

725 W. Main Ave. | 838-5260
The classic chain of good American meals also offers a full bar to get you refreshed, not drunk. In other words, it’s a perfect place to take your parents. (JL) STYLE: Chain

227 W. Riverside Ave. | 290-6816
In a prime location near the Blvd and Lion’s Lair, Revolver is the youngest booze joint in the east end — it’s even still got that crisp, new-bar smell. They’ve got a full bar, but your best bet is to grab one of their giant beers. We had two — and had a really fun time. (LS) STYLE: All-purpose bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Sat 6-8 pm, all day Sunday

215 W. Main Ave. | 279-2921
I’m a Riff convert. The bite-sized east-end bar is too small to share private gossip, but it’s a great place to throw down a few after-work brews, especially on the enclosed, heated porch. When I was there, a homeless dude told me where I could get my teeth cleaned for free. Bonus! (LS) STYLE: Teeny bar HAPPY HOUR: Daily 5-8 pm

700 N. Division | 326-5577
See Hotel Bars STYLE: Hotel bar HAPPY HOUR Daily 4:30-6 pm

808 W. Main Ave. | 455-4400
This unpretentious bar/restaurant on the ground floor of River Park Square is great for a quiet drink before a movie or concert in downtown’s northwest quadrant. (NJ) STYLE: Slick, dark mall HAPPY HOUR: Daily 3-6 pm, Mon-Fri 9 pm-close, Sat 9:30 pm-close, all day Sun

10 S. Post St., Spokane | 789-6800
See Hotel Bars STYLE: Swank hotel HAPPY HOUR: Daily 4-6 pm

425 W. Sprague | 624-3952
The Satellite serves up late-night food, strong coffee and eggs to order. There’s a dimly lit bar attached. (JF) STYLE: Greasy booze spoon

808 W. Main Ave., RPS | 363-1100
The menu of burgers and sandwiches here is huge. The menu of drinks is considerably smaller — eight taps, eight cocktails (mojito, lemon drop, chocolate raspberry truffle) and a small list of “signature” wines (whatever that means). Not a huge drinking destination, but a good place to scarf and slurp before a movie upstairs. (JS) STYLE: Burger cabin HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm and 9-close

821 E. Third Ave.| 534-7777
Like the rest of Shogun, the lounge behind the restaurant is dark and mysterious. Down a Shogun Special (a combination of vodka, gin, rum, pineapple and orange juices and grenadine) before dinner. Select drinks are available in a “souvenir” take-home mug shaped like a panda or Buddha. (CJ) STYLE: Restaurant lounge

117 N. Howard St. | 459-1190
The staff does such a clever presto change-o to this place at night that you might forget it’s a soup joint by day — until you see the bartender pouring Fireball whiskey into a birthday girl’s mouth from a giant soup spoon. Their Greek martini is loaded with veggies and deliciously savory. Lemon Drop lovers will not be disappointed, either. (ES) STYLE: Cocktail party

322 N. Spokane Falls Ct. | 744-2372
Don’t forget about the bar at this chophouse tucked inside the Doubletree Hotel at the convention center. (JS) STYLE: Chops HAPPY HOUR: Daily 4-6 pm

159 S. Lincoln St. | 777-3900
From the central pit that serves as the bar’s location, you can check out the entire restaurant, play pool and watch sports teams in action. (JE) STYLE: Restaurant lounge HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Sat 3-6 pm, all day Sun

218 N. Howard St. | 747-1303
With good prices and better burgers, it’s one of the better places downtown to have a slow-paced night drinking. (JE) STYLE: Restaurant bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm and 9 pm-close, Sat 3-6 pm, all day Sunday

119 N. Bernard St. | 624-0022
Drinking sake is great, but drinking sake by the glow of arcade games is even better at Suki Yaki, where they take their sushi seriously. (LB) STYLE: Hole-in-the-wall

1801 W. Sunset Blvd. | 455-9131
See Dive Bar Tour (ND) STYLE: Hipster-meets-barfly HAPPY HOUR: Daily 4-6 pm

1904 W. Fifth Ave. | 458-2337
In Browne’s Addition, The Swamp has an impressive number of beers on tap, and even more in bottles, wine and free popcorn. Sorry, though, no hard alcohol. (JF) STYLE: Neighborhood HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 4-7 pm, all day Sunday

211 N. Division St. | 747-8940
If you’re looking for some noise on a quiet night, or just want to relive college a bit, come here, get on stage and dance your ass off. (JF) STYLE: Dance club

808 W. Main Ave., RPS | 232-3376
Conveniently located at the bottom of the escalator that descends from the AMC theater upstairs, Twigs is the perfect place to do your Siskel & Ebert thing after catching a movie. (JS) STYLE: Bistro/cocktails HAPPY HOUR: Daily 3-6 pm and 9 pm-close

515 W. Sprague | 624-7777
The riff-raff stays out of this part of the now-closed Ridpath Hotel. The dress code here is strictly enforced and they’ll turn you away if you’re not strutting the right look. Resident DJ Hype spins the Top 40 while you stir a Three Olive vodka martini and nibble on the tapas. (TLM) STYLE: Swanky nightclub

916 W. Second Ave. | 456-7575
Mostly known as a place for fancy food, it’s not a bad spot to enjoy a glass of wine or a classic martini. (JF) STYLE: Upscale restaurant HAPPY HOUR: Fri-Sat 9 pm-close

22 W. Main Ave. | 624-2416
This may well be the prettiest bar in the region — and you don’t even have to dress like a douchebag and wait in a line. This place is nicely appointed, with most of the decor made from salvaged items, including the tilt-a-whirl booths. We’ve spent more than one night here drinking Caucasians and twirling unsuspecting women. (JF) STYLE: Trendy HAPPY HOUR: Daily 4-6 pm


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