Bars in Pullman/Moscow

Twenty-three bars, taverns and lounges from the Angry Bear to the ZZU

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our focus here was on bars that have opened since our last guide two years ago, as well as on great older bars we didn’t cover last time (like Italian Kitchen, Fizzie Mulligan’s and Scoreboard). Then we tackled as many other dives, lounges and distilleries as our wallets and livers could afford. Naturally, we probably missed your favorite place. And we totally short-changed a couple of neighborhoods. But we will live to drink — and report back — another day. Until then, hoist a glass to those who keep us all in the suds. Cheers — Joel Smith, Section Editor

1484 S. Blaine St., Moscow | 208-882-9850
The Angry Bear aims for a lodge feel but comes off more like a rustic Denny’s, with beer and wine in place of pancakes and eggs. “The Apathetic Badger” might be a better name. Still, we adored the complimentary roasted almonds. (TH) STYLE: Restaurant HAPPY HOUR: Sun-Wed 3-6 pm

201 S. Main St., Moscow | 208-882-5216
Bucer’s is a lot of things — coffee house, study hall, music venue, sandwich joint, pub. But its best aspect? It’s a smoke shop. They sell handmade pipes and several wonderfully aromatic varieties of tobacco (Jack Daniels?). Heaven in Idaho. (JS) STYLE: Coffee house

112 N. Main St., Moscow | 208-883-3147
Seven-foot-tall brass bunny. Chuckie doll hanging menacingly above the dance floor. Stripper pole. Naked silhouettes dancing on TVs. Glow paint. Suspicious sofas. Eat your heart out. (TH) STYLE: Dance club/billiards

415 S. Main St., Moscow | 208-883-0536
The local Mexican restaurant attracts the locals and college set with its daily drink specials, such as two-for-one margaritas. (JL) STYLE: Mexican

202 N. Main St., Moscow | 208-882-2915
This is the place to celebrate the simpler things in life, like the primal joy of shouting “Whooooooooo! Sports!” So grab a beer, give it a mouth-hug, and call it a night. Also, you definitely have to walk down that alley to get to the entrance. Just go with it. (TH) STYLE: Sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm

900 NE Colorado St., Pullman | 509-332-1265
Close to the WSU campus, Cougar Cottage serves cheap beer and good food and allows patrons to write on everything with a Sharpie. (NJ) STYLE: College bar

1500 NE Terrell Mall, Pullman | 509-332-1252
The full-service bar and restaurant in the U-District makes homemade soups and stews and displays more than 34 draft handles behind the snazzy glass bar. (JL) STYLE: Casual HAPPY HOUR: Daily, 8 pm-close

313 S. Main St., Moscow | 208-882-8513
This is a maze of a bar with a unique atmosphere and plenty of little seating alcoves for those of you who like your booze with a side of conversation. The Garden Lounge is a great place to take a date, as it is intimate, comfortable and quiet. (TH) STYLE: Lounge HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 4-7 pm, Sat-Sun 5-7 pm

114 E. Sixth St., Moscow | 208-883-7662
John’s Alley is always guaranteed to be a good time. Half-venue and half-bar, this spot will have you dancing, singing and leaving with money still in your pocket. On top of that, we loved reading the prose on the bathroom walls. Nice work, folks. (TH) STYLE: Music venue HAPPY HOUR: Daily 2-7 pm

120 S. Main St., Moscow | 208-882-2050
If you long to be in a giant room filled with pool tables, this is the bar for you. It’s a friendly place and the perfect spot to kick back and relax with friends — if you’re into that sort of thing. (TH) STYLE: Sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-6 pm

1420 S. Blaine St., Moscow | 208-883-3854
The décor here looks as if it were selected by an early-aughties adult-film director. But then how else would you decorate a martini bar? The menu hosts the largest array of delightful-sounding drinks we’ve seen: the Scooby Snack, the Flirtini. Also, Mix is home to the best Bloody Mary ever. Ever. (TH) STYLE: Lounge

215 S. Grand Ave., Pullman | 509-334-1202
My Office is dangerous — and not just because they put the dartboards right next to the bathrooms. Their bartenders are so brilliant, they’ll have you trying combinations of booze you can’t even fathom. Just do everyone a favor and arrange for a taxi ahead of time. (TH) STYLE: Sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Daily 3-6 pm

105 W. Sixth St., Moscow | 208-882-5914
The now-jazzy burger-and-seafood place always has several wine flights open for your junior and professional tastings of the greater Northwest. (JL) STYLE: Wine bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 2-5 pm

245 SE Paradise St., Pullman | 509-338-9463
No false advertising here — this place actually is an old post office. Basically, it’s adorable. We also really like it when a place has such a vast selection of beer and wine that they have to list it all in a giant binder. The Old Post Office has that. Win. (TH) STYLE: Restaurant

2012 S. Main St., Moscow | 208-882-3344
Something happens here on Thursdays — something that involves whole pitchers of pink, delicious mystery booze. That, and lots of Wrangler jeans. Bask in the glow of the Zima sign and take in the stunning glory of the Plantation. (TH) STYLE: Sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Daily 3-7 pm

200 E. Main St., Pullman | 509-332-6566
Hello, you intellectual, you. I know your kind. You love high-backed chairs, dark wood and basking in your literacy. Yes, Rico’s is the place for you. Drink a special cocktail and listen to local jazz stylings — all whilst surrounded by precious, precious books. P.S., I want my turtleneck back. (TH) STYLE: Lounge/music venue

1680 S. Grand Ave., Pullman | 509-332-3675
This new place, which offers upscale comfort food and NW-inspired drinks, is quickly becoming a local fave. (NJ) STYLE: Pub HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-5 pm and 9 pm-close, all day Sunday

165 N. Grand Ave., Pullman | 509-334-6748
The Sports Page is just about as sporty as bars come. You can go watch the game and still feel as comfortable as you would at home. Of course, with way more beer. And probably better TVs. (TH) STYLE: Sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Daily until 7 pm

600 NE Colorado St., Pullman | 509-334-7900
A split-level bar with split personalities: Stubblefields’ top floor is a good ol’ sports bar, but the bottom floor is something else entirely. Venture downstairs and find one hot 20-something mess after another, often dancing in the cages. Also, there’s Jell-O wrestling. We’ll write that again. Jell-O wrestling. (TH) STYLE: Dance club HAPPY HOUR: Daily 6-9 pm

300 S. Grand Ave., Pullman | 509-334-0477
The Thai Ginger Bar is a special beast. It has too much space for its own good, but somehow it still works. The atmosphere varies from living room to dance floor to pool hall to music venue. We’re confused, but we dig it. (TH) STYLE: Sports bar/dance club

1000 NE Colorado St., Pullman | 509-334-7775
Located near WSU’s campus, this is a super-duper college-y bar. But if you’re looking to live it up and mingle, you should still check this place out. Wednesday nights mean cheap beer and hot wings and Saturdays are ’80s night. (Be careful, Devo can bring out the crazies.) (TH) STYLE: Sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Sat 7-11 pm

780 SE Bishop Blvd., Pullman | 509-334-7101
Going out to this bar inside Zeppoz bowling alley, you’ll want to bring a crowd for a night to remember — if only you were capable of retaining memories after a night nursing cheap domestic pitchers. It’s tacky, but fun. (TH) STYLE: Sports bar HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Fri 3-7 pm

1525 NE Merman Dr., Pullman | 509-332-2000
Most days of the week, The ZZU is like any other college bar. But on Tuesdays, it morphs into a frenzy of karaoke, tacos and — get this — $0.50 beers. Skip laundry this week and put your quarters to a more respectable use. (Also, Queen is never a good karaoke choice.) (TH) STYLE: Dance club


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