Hot Dogs and Street Rods

Summer just ain't summer unless you've participated in some sort of "days" celebration, i.e., "Pioneer Days," "Crazy Days" and our favorite, "Molly B. Dam Days." And even though summer is winding to a close, it's still not too late to partake.

Corbin Park celebrates the 10th anniversary of its designation as a National Historic District on September 7, with the first-ever Corbin Park Historic Day, organized by the Corbin Park Homeowners' Association. A century ago, Corbin Park was home to fairgrounds and a horse track. Now, the historic homes adjacent to the park reflect the styles and neighborliness of an earlier time.

This Saturday, music by the Delta Steamers (10:30 am) and the Spokane Youth Orchestra (2 pm) highlight the day-long festival, which will feature artists' booths, children's activities, face-painting, lemonade and hot dogs, and a car show with both antique vehicles and street rods. COPS Northwest will host a kids ID booth, and the Homeowners' Association and Spokane Preservation Associates will be on hand to promote historic preservation.

The streets around the perimeter of the park will be closed to traffic, making a pleasant environment for strolling around the Olmsted brothers-designed oval. The festivities run from 10 am to 5 pm. The organizers say that if the day is a success, they may just make it an annual event, so head on over and revel in some of Spokane's local history.

In Friendship Square

Over the weekend we took a Buzz Bin field trip down to Moscow to check out the Farmers' Market and it blew our minds. There were the usual farmers' market offerings, like tomatoes, dill, homemade jellies, potatoes, huckleberries, cucumbers, wildflowers, lettuce and peaches. But Moscow's Farmers' Market also has a row of informational booths on various peace organizations, potted plants for the garden, a guy with samples of yummy roasted beef, Hungarian food, hummus, Indian tacos, Chinese teapots, fairy garlands, handcrafted wooden pens, photography, soap, jewelry, glass and more. Also, there were literally hundreds of people there supporting it.

We don't wanna alienate any local farmers' market folks who work hard to bring their produce to us, but seriously, what gives? Moscow is a mere fraction of Spokane's size and population, and yet our two farmers markets don't have nearly as much to offer. You can still check out Moscow's Farmers' Market on Saturdays from 8 am to noon through mid-October.

Sept. 11 Revisited

For an alternative to the corporate media approach to commemorating Sept. 11, KSPS Channel 7 plans to mark the anniversary with an extended lineup of programming, including an episode of Nova entitled "Why the Towers Fell" and "Stranded Yanks," a documentary about the nearly 44,000 air passengers stranded in Canada following the terrorist attacks. Visit for more information.

Spokane Arts Awards @ Lucky You Lounge

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