by Inlander Staff & r & Not Flintstone, Yellowstone & r & The new MAC exhibit, Drawn to Yellowstone, runs through Feb. 19, 2006. More than 70 paintings, drawings and prints by more than 60 artists since the late 1800s (including Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt) invite viewers to ponder how the natural wonderland of Yellowstone has gone from "an icon of preservation to the contested land that it has become."

Visit & lt;a href="" & them online & lt;/a & or call 456-3931.

From Glenn Miller to Coldplay & r & KUOI 89.3 in Moscow has been broadcasting for 60 years. Help them celebrate this weekend with a Student Union open house and arts-and-crafts show, a country-Western music festival and activities surrounding the Louisiana Tech football game. For the full schedule, visit & lt;a href="" & their website & lt;/a & or call (208) 885-6392.

Weekend Highlights & r & The first of the Spokane Symphony's Casual Classics concerts at the Met featured an entire string quartet exiting to play offstage, violinists whooping in mid-performance, a bassoon soloist in faux leather pants and a bagpiper wearing lederhosen.... Among the joys of crafting and participatory dancing (both East Indian and Celtic) at the Fall Folk Festival this weekend at SCC, one of the finest was the medieval and Renaissance music of Miller's Tale, with Caridwen Irvine-Spatz on the fiddle and Rick Rubin on guitar... Kenny Garrett's saxophone solos on "Caravan" and "Cherokee" with the Whitworth Jazz Ensemble on Saturday night were phenomenal, but senior Josh Shelton more than held his own with lonesome trumpet meanderings on "Blue" that evoked every smoky late-night bar you've ever been in... As for the Lewis and Clark musical, Manifest Destiny -- as ambitious as Gonzaga's production was, the real star may have been John Hofland's multi-level set, complete with video screen, giant drum heads, a geyser and water actually trickling down the cutest little "mountain stream."

Living History & r & Dr. Jeanne Eder is a good guide to sorting out the myths of Sacajawea. She grew up on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana. Her great-grandmother was present at the battle of Little Bighorn. She's one of a handful of Native American women in the country with a doctorate in history (from WSU); she's now director of Alaska Native Studies at the Univ. of Alaska at Anchorage. And she has performed one-woman Sacajawea shows, dressed in full costume, for years. She'll appear in a free performance on Thursday, Nov. 17, at 7 pm at the MAC, accompanied by Michael Holloman, director of the museum's Plateau Cultural Center. Call 456-3931.

Vandal Summer Cinema Series

Fridays, Sat., Aug. 21 and Thu., Aug. 26. Continues through Aug. 20
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