You Too May Be a Wiener

The Wienermobile is coming! The Wienermobile is coming! You'll relish the hotdog exterior and mustard-and-ketchup interior on Saturday, Dec. 16, from noon to 3 pm at the MAC, 2316 W. First Ave. It's free, even if the hot dogs at Caf & eacute; MAC and admission to "Mutual Seduction: Cars & amp; Costumes" aren't. Visit

A Habit To Cry On

If Oprah won't hear your confession on national TV, then get a nun to hear Oprah's. At least that's what those wild and crazy Gonzaga guys Luke Barats and Joe Bereta did when they filmed Sister Patricia Proctor of Spokane's Franciscan Monastery of St. Clare hawking her new book on the sacrament of reconciliation while chatting with a cardboard cutout of that uppity Winfrey woman. To see it for yourself, go to and search for "Confession101" -- and while you're at it, check out Sister Patricia's and

Burnt Pages

Gonzaga's English Club is conducting a book drive to replace books destroyed in the recent fire at Sacajawea Middle School Library. Drop some young adult fiction and books about U.S. and Washington state geography and social studies into the boxes at the Foley Center and Crosby Student Center. Write or call (909) 754-7890.

One Fast Little Mousie

Our favorite parts of the Alberta Ballet Nutcracker at the INB Center last weekend? The first appearance of the mice was made by a remote-control rodent zigzagging beneath the Christmas tree. And the Arabian dancers were so sultry, seductive and just plain hot that it got us thinking some decidedly non-Yuletide thoughts.

Eighty-One Years

Friday's theater dedication brought suggestions that we ought to call the place "The Crosby," but at such notions we scoff. There's only one name suitable for the erstwhile Met: Da Bing.

As for Kathryn Crosby's cabaret show, while there was an element of Sunset Boulevard about the affair, the power of watching her watch herself perform on the big screen with Bing can't be denied. Her husband had performed on that very stage 81 years before.

Donations Need To Bubble

Four-month-old Caden Atchley lacks any immune system and has the so-called "bubble boy syndrome." Adults (ages 18-60) who wish to help are invited to a bone marrow drive (cost: $20) at Mount Spokane High School on Saturday, Dec. 16, from 10 am-4 pm. Visit, click on "Visit," and fill in Caden's name.

Vandal Summer Cinema Series

Fridays, Sat., Aug. 21 and Thu., Aug. 26. Continues through Aug. 20
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