by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Getting Our Groove On & r & If you missed KPBX's annual record sale, you missed out. The place was crawling with vinyl enthusiasts, many of whom brought special record-carrying shoulder bags just for the occasion. DJ Nealie Neal looked like a crazed addict, poring over old jazz LPs. We also spotted Out There editor Jon Snyder sifting through the classical section. We really wanted to pick up Burl Ives' "Sea Songs of Whaling, Sailing and Fishing" (only two bucks!) but realized we didn't have a record player. Still, two Innocence Mission discs, an old Youssou N'Dour and "Songs for the Accordion" came to only $20. Not bad.

Let's Talk Tourney & r & Gonzaga is so dominant in men's basketball that among the eight schools in the West Coast Conference, it even comes in first alphabetically. (By school name, not by mascots. Because "Zags" would be, like, last among mascots.)

Hey, we're just trying a new angle on the WCC tourneys. Did you hear they're in Spokane this year?

Anthrax in Your Garage & r & This just in from Paranoia Central: The conventional thinking has been that terrorists could brew up bioweapons of mass destruction only if they used the resources of large, state-supported labs.

The conventional thinking is wrong. Long story short, if you've got $2 million and a few grad students knowledgeable in biotech, you could cook up the genetic materials and logistics for enough smallpox to spread around the world. Every damn day, man, we live with the threat of dirty bombs -- and now this. It's Biowar for Dummies.

Love, Luck and Lollipops & r & Abbey Crawford sings her monthly cabaret on Friday and Saturday at the Civic. She'll share songs from South Pacific and Flower Drum Song along with tunes by Kander and Ebb, Christine Lavin and Etta James. Tickets are $12. Call 218-9732.

Corrupt But Mellow Drama & r & Lily Fairweather may be pure as the driven snow, but the villainous Craven Sinclair corrupts her handsome beau Compton into the moral cesspool of fraud and embezzlement.

While that's the plotline of Ignite! Theatre's upcoming tearjerker, Lily, the Felon's Daughter -- playing at Riverwalk, 1003 E. Trent Ave., from Feb. 24 through March 4 -- it sounds to us as if Jack Abramoff is involved. Call 993-6540.

They're on to Our Insecurity & r & Here in the Bin, we weren't aware there were any pictures in Maxim magazine. We just read it for the articles.

One of those articles in the current issue says this about the West scandal: "The only thing sadder than losing your dream job is having that job be 'Mayor of Spokane.'" Ouch!

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