by MICHAEL BOWEN & r & & r & Come Again Another Day & r & & r & Where would a Northwest concert be without rain-splattered hippies dancing in a downpour? During Saturday evening's cloudburst at Elkfest, gallons of rainwater loomed over the drummer's head as the Hands of Plenty played on.

Meanwhile, over at Artfest, visitors to The Inlander booth mostly were interested in our own piece of art: a fragmented guitar festooned with doodads by our production department's Gurus of Creativity.

Geek Out

The Dependents. Garrison Titan. And maybe a chance to gape at a babelicious person in a catsuit. Spokane's second annual ComicCon will feature artists from Marvel Comics signing autographs; a chance to win a film cel from Iron Man; and this town's premiere display of comic books, collectibles and pop culture artifacts like that Steve Austin figurine in the original packaging that Steve Carell just couldn't bear to part with when he played that 40-year-old virgin.

It's all happening Saturday, June 7, from 10 am-6 pm at Gonzaga's Cataldo Hall. Tickets: $5; free, children 5 and younger. Visit their MySpace page (spokanecomicon07) or call 280-4997.

Containment Issues

In Ohio this week, the ashes of the deceased inventor of the Pringles potato chip can were buried in ... a Pringles can. Which got us to thinking. You know the guy who spiked the Tylenol that led to the scare that led to some guy inventing those so-called "child-resistant" but in fact "adult-resistant" medicine bottles with the annoying, bulletproof tin foil wrapper? We'd like to see the cremated ashes of that guy (not the inventor) stuffed into a can't-open-it-ever plastic bottle and buried deep in some landfill. Not that we can't contain our anger.

This Crystallizes the Matter

As for all this talk of fixing the toilet on the International Space Station, file it under Beauty in Unexpected Places. According to Scientific American, "In 1977, Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart called the dump of waste liquid at sunset "one of the most beautiful sights" in orbit. 'As the stuff comes out, and as it hits the exit nozzle,' he said, 'it instantly flashes into 10 million little ice crystals ... a spray of sparklers, almost.'"

Reclaiming Culture: The Tlingit and Haida Tribes of Alaska Repatriation @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

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