by MICHAEL BOWEN & r & & r & Pinkies Up & r & & r & Intimidated by people commenting on a wine's nose and black cherry finish when all you know is that it tastes lip-smackin' good and gives you a pleasant buzz? Well, visit Vino! for the first of three fall wine education classes, "Introduction to Wine Tasting," on Thursday, Sept. 25, at 7 pm. Cost is $45. Call 838-1229.

Half Right

Dennis Miller will appear at Northern Quest Casino on Sunday, Oct. 12. In our Fall Arts Preview last week, we got that right on page 67 but wrong on page 78 (next to Miller's picture). We're sorry. And we don't want to get off on a rant here, but that's sort of like making people think you'd support Obama but then voting for a candidate like McCain even though you're actually a libertarian. Of course, that's just our opinion. We could be wrong.

Don't Move Your Lips

We see a crowd around a TV or people dancing in the street, and we don't blink. But a congregation of silent readers? This Saturday from 9-10 am, Auntie's will celebrate its 30th anniversary by setting up chairs all around the store's exterior and asking people to (gasp!) commit acts of reading right there in public. Balloons and clowns, cake and ice cream and raffles will follow all weekend. Call 838-0206.

Images That Are Just

Law professor John Morey Maurice has spent 20 years recording his thoughts on justice. Artist Mary Farrell has created 13 intaglio prints that metaphorically illustrate the concepts in Maurice's new book. On Friday at the Gonzaga Law School library (from 6-7 pm), discuss the 250-copy initial press run of On Justice: In Words and Images with the two collaborators. Write or call 313-3725. The book and prints will be on display through Dec. 1.

Boom! Now We Got It Right

In an article titled "Great Places to Work" in our Annual Manual, we misrepresented the role of Cornerbooth Productions in the creation of those catchy Spokane Teachers Credit Union TV ads. While Cornerbooth helped produce and edit them, the concept, look, casting and storylines for the ads were the work of Spokane's Boom Creative. We're sorry for the misunderstanding.

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