by Inlander Staff & r & & r & Ten-Hut! & r & & r & Once you untangle yourself from your parachute, you look up to see you've been dropped in a foreign country. There are people everywhere, but they're speaking in strange tongues. The landscape is weird and unfamiliar. You know no one. You're on your own. You're ill-equipped -- everything you own is in the pack on your back. And yet you're expected to learn the nuanced customs, navigate the red tape, make contacts, decipher your next mission and bag a degree in four years.

But how?

Hopefully we can help. We've talked to people who've been through it and come out with all their limbs -- and to some brave souls who are going back to do it again. We've even talked to a group of Saudi students who have really been stranded in a foreign land. We've also gathered info on some of the more crucial checkpoints you'll likely pass through during your mission and assembled dossiers that give you the lay of this strange new land in which you find yourself.

Good luck.

Now tear out this page and eat it.




Location: Cheney

Founded: 1882

Student Body:

11,161 (2006-07)

School Starts: Sept. 26

Tuition: $4,700 (in-state);

$13,700 (out-of-state)

Phone: (509) 359-6200


EARTHLY ANGEL: Dr. Scott Finnie knows most take his African Studies class because it's a requirement, but this rock star makes the class interesting and easy. A must-take class -- literally.

BALD FOOD: Baldy's has a decent salad bar. The fries regularly taste like fish. If it's time for breakfast, don't get it here. The fatty food at Tawanka may cause early cardiovascular disease.

GATTO GO: Lenny's Italian Restaurant is the place you take your parents so they think they made a good investment by sending you to college. Or after they've seen your MySpace page. Gatto's Pizza is the place to go without them, as it has the old Pac Man and Star Trek Voyager arcade machines.

EXPLORE: Zip's, on First Street, has free Wi-Fi and is open 24 hours. Cram for a test here or do what most do -- get a burger at 3 am and sober up. Watch out for the meth heads.

DANGER! Watch out for the Washington State Patrol -- they're liable to sting you for going even five miles over on Michael P. Anderson Highway or Elm Street. So when you're late to class it's time to just accept your fate and go to Kafka Coffee instead and read the paper. You know at least one classmate who takes good notes right? Also, prices say avoid the EWU bookstore. Go to the Tree of Knowledge instead. You can save, like, 20 bucks on your book. Lastly, beware Dryden Hall. It's always really hot, and some of the windows don't open. The fire alarm goes off all the time, which makes the above kind of scary. It's also Party Central. Weird smells come out of the vents.

WHAT'S NEW: Eastern lost Rodney Stuckey but gained a new athletics director in Bill Chaves. He's really excited that he gets to live a lifelong dream of becoming an athletic director -- yay!

IT'S IN SPOKANE, TOO: This year the Riverpoint Campus plans on tackling some of Spokane's most serious issues, like water, health and wellness. You could be part of something really helpful and really cool. Now that the EWU-Spokane building in downtown has been sold, some classes are moving: journalism and creative writing undergraduates are back to Cheney, but Master's in creative writing just will be at the Riverpoint Campus.

EVENTS: Saxophonist Greg Metcalf with the Eastern Jazz Ensemble, Nov. 3. Earlier that day, you can catch the Eagle football team vs. Northern Colorado in the Homecoming game.

All locations in Cheney.


Willow Springs

809 First St. * 235-4420

Rockin' joint that's a favorite for people who actually live in Cheney but the place for college karaoke on Wednesdays.

The Basement

315 First St. * 869-5206

If you're out to club it, go here.

Eagles Pub

809 First St. * 235-4420

Latah Bistro

4241 S. Cheney-Spokane Rd. * 838-8338

Live music every Wednesday


407 First St. * 235-7667



2816 First St. * 235-5527


2710 First St. * 235-6400


Taco Bell

2626 First St. * 235-4330

Carl's Jr.

2676 First St. * 559-5000


2324 First St. * 235-5025


Pence Union Building, EWU campus * 359-2540

Tawanka Commons

EWU campus * 359-2540


Artist Caf & eacute;

28 W. First St. * 235-6163

Alleyway Grill

Pence Union Building, EWU campus * 359-2540


1204 First St. * 235-6126

Domino's Pizza

1879 First St. * 235-2000

Gatto's Pizza

1011 First St. * 235-2800

Rosa's Pizza

1706 Second St. * 235-5678

Pizza Hut

2660 First St. * 235-4144


Kafka Coffee

410 Second St. * 235-2577

Board games!

Eagle Espresso & amp; Freshen's Smoothie Bar

Pence Union Building, EWU campus * 359-2540

Thomas Hammer

Pence Union Building, EWU campus * 235-4014

This coffee stand is great for the on-the-go student. Fill your own cup and throw your dollars into a bucket. No waiting in line.



Pence Union Building, EWU campus * 359-2540


Morris Street Caf & eacute;

EWU campus, located in a tunnel between Streeter and Morrison Halls * 359-2540


911 First St. * 235-8405


The Wash Tub

1902 First St. * 235-8654



2710 First St. * 235-6400

Cheney Trading Company

4 Cheney-Spokane Rd. * 235-6310


Tree of Knowledge

409 First St. * 559-5394

EWU Bookstore

Pence Union Building, EWU campus * 359-2292


Washington State Liquor Store

2720 First St. * 235-6465


Ben Franklin

6 Cheney-Spokane Rd. * 235-6215

These guys are like Wal-Mart but smaller and more random. You could outfit your dorm here, and they've got a killer candy section.

& r & & r &

Gonzaga University


Location: Spokane

Founded: 1887

Student Body:

approximately 6,375

School started Aug. 28

Tuition: $24,590

Phone: (800) 986-9585



G.U.'S MOST WANTED: Each week, Campus Security -- or "Cam-Po'" as it's endearingly dubbed -- releases its police blotter: "White male, visibly intoxicated, spotted wearing Burger King crown and urinating on own leg in Quad area." Bottom line? Overly testosteroned males do their best Animal House impression to gain temporary criminal/celebrity status.

DOLLAH DOLLAH BILLS, SON: So your nutrition options are as follows: grimy cafeteria food, microwaveable Top Ramen, and the requisite coffee choices on campus. And your post-high school tapeworm is hungry. Not to fear! Gonzaga has several dining locations to choose from. And best of all? The grub can be purchased with "Dining Dollars" -- formerly "Flex" -- or fake, Monopoly money allotted to each student when they purchase a meal plan. You haven't lived until you try the Buffalo Chicken sandwich at Sub Connection.

FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD, THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON: Aluminum Jesus. A Gonzaga icon, the towering statue resides at the epicenter of Welch and Desmet Halls. Wanna meet to study? See you at Aluminum Jesus. Let's go toss the Frisbee, bro. See you at A.J.!

EXPLORE: So you love football. And you love Gonzaga basketball. Want entertainment? Combine both! Try the Sausage Bowl, the annual meat-head festival featuring a game of pigskin between the two largest male dorms -- Catherine/Monica and Desmet -- at the beginning of the fall semester. Past contests have featured freshmen ballers from the men's team smashing on helpless mortals from the rival dorm.

DANGER! The amount of gossip coming from Gonzaga's resident advisors and overly zealous housing department would make even The National Enquirer blush. And they take their jobs way too seriously. "We have door decs to complete, ASAP! Failure to comply will result in loss of funds and certain doom!" (Hey, the Catholics don't drink wine during Mass for nothin'.) Almost as zealous are the famed Jersey Chasers, those students intent on getting their mack on with an athlete. A triflin' friend indeed .... Also, if you think Whitworth's alone in its propensity to marry off its students, think again. Recent studies have shown that more Gonzaga students are married upon graduation than have contracted STDs. Which begs some kind of punchline.

WHAT'S NEW: Freshmen, freshmen everywhere! Gonzaga's feeling giddy these days, as this fall's first-year class is the biggest ever and the first to top 1,000. Not only that, but U.S. News & amp; World Report this year ranked the school the second-best value in the region for master's programs. They're also pretty excited about the opening of the Kennedy Apartments, which -- barring another bonfire -- will be dedicated on Sept. 28.

EVENTS: 38th annual Pilgrimage to Cataldo Mission, Sept. 15; poet Herman Asarnow, Sept. 18; stage performance of Fahrenheit 451, Oct. 19-27; Turkeypalooza, Nov. 14-18.


Jack and Dan's Tavern

1226 N. Hamilton St. * 487-6546

Long day in philosophy class? Hurt your elbow throwing the Frisbee? Can't find a space big enough to park your Mercedes? For some TLC, come to that bar where everyone knows your name. The University District's best impression of a country club, Jack and Dan's is a Gonzaga pastime. It has good eats, too -- the Friday fish and chips are highly recommended.

The Bulldog

1305 N. Hamilton St. * 487-6735



933 E. Mission Ave. * 482-1987


Pita Pit

818 E. Sharp Ave. * 483-7482

9 am-3 am

So you've got the drunken munchies, and that Tesoro hotdog might kill you. Hit up the Pit. It's a hotspot for college students and a great way to satisfy your gut. Try the Chicken Souvlaki.



1229 N. Hamilton St. * 487-9588

If you need to gut-bomb your hangover, Arny's has no equal. The food is delicious and the service is sassy and entertaining. But if you're looking for something more laidback, try Ultimate Bagel.

Ultimate Bagel

1217 N. Hamilton St. * 487-4630


Pho Van

1210 N. Hamilton St. * 483-8136


502 E. Boone Ave. * 328-4220

The COG's food is as unappealing as the dining center's name sounds, you say? Nonsense! Lunch is the COG's specialty, and nothing beats clam chowder on Fridays. The sandwiches are good, too, but the line is always endless. Better just grab some pizza. We promise you won't be disappointed.


David's Pizza

829 E. Boone Ave. * 483-7460


245 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.


Yeah, yeah. It's lame to give chain restaurants ink. But Taco Tuesday, from 4 pm-9 pm, is seriously dope. Five bucks for all-you-can-eat-tacos.


510 N. Lincoln St. * 328-9009

Awesome view of Spokane Falls. Better food.


125 S. Wall St. * 455-4051



1217 N. Hamilton St. * 482-7623

Coffee is coffee. But Starbucks is closest to Gonzaga's campus if you need your caffeine fix.

Brews Brothers

28 E. Sinto Ave. * 326-1711


Sacred Heart Medical Center

101 W. 8th Ave. * 474-3131

Gonzaga Health Center

704 E. Sharp Ave. * 323-4052

You'll probably get mono. You might as well familiarize yourself with the place while you're still healthy.??

& r & & r &

Whitworth University

Private, Presbyterian

Location: Spokane

Founded: 1890

Student Body: 2,400

School Starts: Sept. 5

Tuition: $25,382

Phone: (509) 777-1000


BIRD, PLANE, FRISBEE: They say the first throw of a new Frisbee determines the kind of throws the Frisbee will yield in its days of Frisbee golf and ultimate Frisbee. If the weather permits (and even sometimes when it sleets), you're likely to see at least three flying across campus on your way to class.

THE GOOD BIG THREE: Every university has its required traditions, and if you go to Whitworth, there are three: You must at some point spill your tray in the cafeteria, catch a "virgin" pinecone, and have a "ring by spring" semester of your senior year. Good luck on that last one.

THE BAD BIG THREE: The resident assistants are on the prowl. Indulgers of the drink take heed, advocates for bare-knuckle boxing beware, and -- for those wanting to sleep with a significant other -- take cover (not under them). No alcohol (or drugs, duh), violence or cohabitation.

EXPLORE: Since the 19th century, ghosts have been sighted in Macmillan Hall every Halloween, wandering aimlessly with arms outstretched or terrorizing students. But one can't help noticing that these supposed ghosts resemble actual Whitworth students and that their ghostly skin is more akin to flaking makeup. You be the judge ... if you dare! Also, note that Saga's cafeteria isn't the only place to eat (stay away from the meat loaf). There's also the caf & eacute; (the turkey pesto and Subway sandwich bar are your best bets) and the Mind and Hearth coffee shop (aka Stan's), where you can pick up anything from coffee to sushi. Around campus, catch the scrumptious and cheap frozen yogurt just across Division at Didier's ($1.39 for a medium on Tuesday). And Gelato Joe's -- the only gelato joint in Spokane -- is located in the Wandermere Center, less than two miles from campus.

DANGER! Men live in Macmillan Hall and women in Ballard (aka "The Nunnery"). There's always sexual tension between all-guys and all-girl dorms, but especially when placed right next to each other. Good thing the dorms now have key card entrances. Just don't lose yours. Besides being locked out, it will be hard to get food -- the cards serve both as keys and as meal cards.

WHAT'S NEW: Construction of the new art building has begun, next to the Westminster courtyard, and it's expected to open by fall 2008. The $6.5 million facility promises to provide for expansion and features clerestory windows on the top floor, enhancing the viewing of art pieces with natural light. Also, some former student houses southwest of campus have been plowed to build an intramural field. Oh, and try not to call it "Whitworth College" anymore, no matter how much it still feels like one.

EVENTS: Late night at Fred Meyer, Sept. 3; Stewart Lawn Dance, Sept. 7; Fall job and internship fair, Sept. 11; Community Building Day, Sept. 25.


Old European

7015 N. Division * 467-5987

Always a bit busy, a bit farther, and a bit more expensive than other breakfast joints, but worth the wait -- especially if you like fresh squeezed orange juice.

Frank's Diner

10929 N. Newport Hwy. * 465-2464

Close to campus, Frank's opens up with a friendly, old-fashioned diner ambience. Sit down with your friends before an exam and enjoy a hearty meal at their bar.



10410 N. Division St * 466-8434

Didier's is a great late afternoon burger/frozen yogurt diner. The place revels with sweet smells and a selection of sandwiches and soups for a good lunch. Go when it's cold or warm -- they have what you're looking for.

Taco Del Mar

12501 N. Hwy. 395 * 466-4814

Sure, there are taco shacks everywhere, but who can say no to a Mondo burrito for a good price? Ten percent off for Whitworth students is also a plus.


Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar

9820 N. Nevada St. * 465-8794

This is a great place to bring your parents when they come to visit you. Very spendy, but the high-class food will make it worthwhile (especially if they're paying). Try the bistro chicken.

Pho Spokane

7458 N. Division * 487-4315

You can feed yourself, your roommate, his girlfriend, and whoever else with one sitting from Pho. Get a large serving of rice noodles and beef to go and split the price with friends. Offers a good hearty, and healthy meal.



5 W. Hawthorne Rd. * 465-5865


Fizzie Mulligan's

331 W. Hastings Rd. * 466-5354

You don't have to speak the brogue to gain entrance into the most Whitworth-populated bar in town. This pub boasts great atmosphere and spacious areas to hang with friends. There's always good karaoke for the slurring enthusiast.

Bigfoot Pub and Eatery

9115 N. Division * 467-9638

Twice a week live music shows rock steady from this pub and are actually pretty good -- for a bar. American food dishes (a.k.a. burgers) are also served for good prices.

The Double Dribble

8108 N. Division * 468-7946

The Double Dribble is the touchdown of north-side bars. Have dinner, shoot pool and grab a pint while watching your favorite sports team on the multiple screens around the bar.



10100 N. Newport Hwy. * 465-2576

The most convenient grocery store for the Whitworth student, Safeway is open until 1 am, so all those late night study-fuel runs will be easily accessible.


12312 N. Hwy. 395 * 466-1144

Only plus over Safeway is that Albertsons is open 24/7, but it is further away, which makes it a little less convenient. If you have a car this is an OK place to get your groceries.


9414 N. Division * 467-6812


The Service Station

9315 N. Nevada St. * 466-1696

The Service Station is a nonprofit corporation with delicious cappuccinos and an ambiance unmatched in the north side. In the back is a small concert space that is home to many local shows such as the Rawk Final Four.

Whitworth Hub Caf & eacute;

300 W. Hawthorne Rd.


The fastest growing concert hall is just minutes from your dorm. Such acts as David Bazan (formerly Pedro the Lion), YACHT, Velella Velella, and United State of Electronica have graced the HUB stage with their presence.


Let's Party

551 E. Hawthorne Rd. * 464-1381

Halloween or a themed party is just around the corner, and you need a costume. Go to Let's Party to get party favors, costumes, or an assortment of other odds and ends.


Borders Books

9980 N. Newport Hwy. * 466-2231

The closest bookstore around offers college students good prices on many books needed for their various classes. Grab a coffee and enjoy the quiet solitude and smell of new books when you visit.


Holy Family Hospital

235 E. Rowan Ave. * 489-2101


Home Depot

9116 N. Newport Hwy. * 466-8991


Cost-Plus World Market

6125 N. Division * 484-8640

World Market has a trove of eclectic and practical furniture. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff is also very helpful.



9770 N. Newport Hwy. * 466-3006

The best place to find quality anything.


9212 N. Colton St. * 464-2173

& r & & r &

University of idaho



Moscow, Idaho

Founded: 1889

Student Body: 11,739

School started Aug. 20

Tuition: $4,410 (in-state), $14,490 (out-of-state)

Phone: (888) 884-3246



CLIQUES: Remember how everybody hung out in their respective groups in high school? Don't expect that to change when you come to the UI. While there aren't necessarily tensions among the Greek community, residence halls and off-campus residents, there are noticeable divisions. Most don't even like to hang out at the same bars.

THE LABYRINTH: If you drive a car and are on a budget (like most UI students), parking fines will be an issue for you. Navigating the UI's complicated assortment of blue, red, purple, gold, magenta, silver and green parking permits can hurt your head worse than the morning after Mardi Gras. Either know where your permit allows you park (and when), or plan on doing a lot of walking.

EXPLORE: The Plantation Bar and Grill on Thursday nights -- the eclectic mix of college students and North Idaho locals can make for a night that resembles something like an intoxicated version of The Beverly Hillbillies. For students with an urge to get in touch with nature, the UI arboretum offers a relaxing place to escape from the pressures of college life. Also, explore electives. Many majors at the UI give a fair amount of flexibility with required classes. Taking something that is completely unrelated to your major is strongly encouraged.

BEWARE: Following the delusional excitement after the hiring of Dennis Erickson as the football coach last season (and his embarrassing early departure last spring), don't expect to see your Vandals popping many champagne corks (at least not in the locker room). A similar lack of success is to be expected for the other major sports. Also, don't drink the water. Tap water in Moscow smells like sulfur and doesn't taste any better. A Brita filter is a necessity if you plan on downing anything other than beer during your college career. A little filtered water will come in handy if you have any classes in the Admin building -- it's a long uphill trudge from any of the parking lots on campus, and you'll arrive hot and sweaty only to find a classroom kept at a toasty 90 degrees all year.

EVENTS: UI vs. WSU football game, Sept. 15; Dads Weekend, Sept. 22-23; Homecoming, Oct. 7-13

WHAT'S NEW: The UI is implementing a new $900,000 marketing campaign, which has introduced the tagline "Open Spaces. Open Minds." Considering the exorbitant spending, many question whether the tagline should really be "Open Spaces. Empty Minds."

NOW IN NORTH IDAHO: UI offers bachelor's, master's and certificate programs in education, psychology and environmental studies at its campus facility on the banks of the Spokane River in Coeur d'Alene. Starting this fall, an executive MBA program will be available, both in Coeur d'Alene and Sandpoint. And the university has launched development of a four-building campus in Sandpoint, on the current site of the Sandpoint Research and Extension Center. Classes there are set to begin in 2009, with an interdisciplinary undergrad program emphasizing the arts, community, health and sustainability.

All locations are in Moscow and the 208 area code.


The Breakfast Club

501 S. Main St. * 882-6481



317 W. Sixth St., Suite 105 * 882-8800


La Casa Lopez

415 S. Main St. * 883-0536


Pita Pit

212 S. Main St. * 882-PITA

Late-night munchies? You'll want the Pita Pit on your speed dial. They make a wide variety of pitas and are open until 3:30 am on weekends. In addition to the late hours and great food, they will deliver if you don't feel like walking to Main Street after a night of drinking.



102 S. Main St. *

For students looking to shoot some pool while getting their drink on, Mingles offers the best option in town, with over a dozen pool tables and a shuffleboard table.

The Plantation

2012 S. Main St. * 882-2682

"The Plant" is the place to be on Thursdays if you like your women in Wranglers.

The Corner Club

202 N. Main St. * 882-2915

This bar tends to be the off-campus hang out of the Greek community, with a sports bar theme.


Winco Foods

1700 W. Pullman Rd. * 883-8335

Even Wazzu students come over to Winco to take advantage of the tax-free groceries.


John's Alley

114 E. Sixth St. * 883-7662

Bucer's Coffeehouse

201 S. Main St. * 882-5216

Also a good study spot (when the bands aren't playing).



504 S. Main St. * 882-0875



2230 W. Pullman Rd. * 882-8912



1850 W. Pullman Rd. * 882-2163



1320 S. Blaine St. * 883-0713


Gritman Medical Center

700 S. Main St. * 882-4511


Moscow Building Supply

760 N. Main St. * 882-4716



2470 W. Pullman Rd. * 883-8828

& r & & r &

Washington State University


Location: Pullman

Founded: 1892

Student Body: 18,432

School started Aug. 20

Tuition: $6,290 (in-state),

$16,604 (out-of-state)

Phone: (888) 468-6978


THE SCHOOL IS THE TOWN: The student body is about the same size as the town of Pullman, so when school's in session, the boundaries start to blur. That's not all that gets blurry. With so many students permeating the town, house parties are abundant and stumble-able.

THE TOWER OF SAURON: Students stumbling back from the house parties would do well to mind Bryan Clock Tower, which juts up from the center of campus like a beacon and can be seen from all over town.

THE BONEYARD: Students in Pullman are the only ones in Eastern Washington with their own human cadaver lab (seriously -- med students in Clarkston have to dissect cats). A creepy bragging point, to be sure. But think of the possibilities for a senior prank.

EXPLORE: One benefit of going to college out in the back 40: ag programs. Specifically, WSU's creamery, which has been churning out its own cheese, ice cream and curds since 1902. Stop by Ferdinand's, on the eastern edge of campus, for some beloved Cougar Gold. Students tired of getting leg-humped at Greek parties can tuck into Daggy Hall for an occasional improv fix with the wildly popular Nuthouse comedy troupe. It's big enough that you're not self-conscious, but small enough that you may just be asked to do the Truffle Shuffle on stage. Also, winter tip: Cafeteria trays make sweet makeshift sleds, and there's no better racing grounds than the old golf course.

DANGER! Pullman was not built to withstand Cougar game-day traffic. Plan on not driving anywhere on Saturdays. Likewise, don't even plan on walking on Glen Terrell Mall, where foot traffic can almost be worse than the auto congestion out on Grand Avenue.

EVENTS: Up All Night September, featuring Seattle band Children of the Revolution, comedians, hypnotists, etc., Sept. 14; football vs. Idaho, Sept. 15; Art of the American Comic Strip lecture, Nov. 1


WHAT'S NEW: Fore! Controversy over the new golf course on campus this summer has hooked all the way to Spokane, where environmental activists are claiming that water usage at the course will far exceed university estimates. Also, there's a new sheriff in town: As of May, Elson Floyd has replaced V. Lane Rawlins as university president. Whether this means you can resume using the nickname-which-must-not-be-named remains to be seen.

AT THE SPOKANE CAMPUS: The university's Spokane campus, founded in 1989 and home to 1,282 students, is best known for its health sciences and design disciplines. Upper-level undergrads and grad students at the Interdisciplinary Design Institute are working on a neighborhood plan for the West Hills and assisted living concepts for people with Parkinson's disease. Also, get on the GigaPop bandwagon -- the Riverpoint Campus flipped the switch this month on a new super-fast network that connects to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the U-Dub and research partners around the world at 10-gig speeds. The biggest development on campus right now is the new nursing building going up along Spokane Falls Boulevard. Though it won't open until next fall, this summer the school launched a new Ph.D. program in nursing, with nine students already on campus.


Unless otherwise indicated, all locations are in Pullman and the 509.


Old European

455 S. Grand Ave. * 334-6381

Great breakfasts (try the aebleskivers), but don't be surprised if you have to wait outside for a while before being seated.

Tam's Place

1005 E. Main St. * 332-8357

Close to the dorms on the southern edge of campus; large portions, good food


1170 SE Bishop Blvd. * 334-5339


Cougar Cottage

900 NE Colorado St. * 332-1265

"The Coug" is a Pullman institution. A cozy pub right on the northern border of campus, it's a perfect spot for beer and a burger between classes.

Heros 'n' Sports

245 NE Kamiaken St. * 334-5423

Amazing tailored hero sandwiches downtown.


Fireside Grill

1095 SE Bishop Blvd. * 334-3663

A little pricier, but there are appetizers and TVs everywhere. Try the chicken-fried steak.

Nuevo Vallarta

1110 N. Grand Ave. * 334-4689


115 N. Grand Ave. * 332-8349



902 E. Colorado St. * 334-2520

Hoagies and hookahs! And at night, they set up a barbecue right out on the street.



1000 NE Colorado St. * 334-7775

Known for its '80s Night every Saturday, with a DJ and music videos on multiple screens.

Cougar Cottage

900 NE Colorado St. * 332-1265

(See above) Good place to start your weekend night.

The Blind Squirrel

600 NE Colorado St. * 334-7900

The lower level is a sprawling open room with a bar on either end and varied seating. It's laid-back but often packed. The upper level is the town meat market, outfitted with black and strobe lights, a resident DJ, dancer cages -- you get the picture.


200 E. Main St. * 332-6556

Pool tables, book shelves, experimental jazz and Pullman's pensive artsy crowd.

My Office Bar and Grill

215 S. Grand Ave. * 334-1202

Pete's Bar and Grill

1360 SE Bishop Blvd. * 334-4200


Dissmore's IGA

1205 N. Grand Ave. * 332-2918

A convenient location to "bump into" that girl from biochem class, it's a grocery store that actually catalyzes your social life.


430 SE Bishop Blvd. * 334-0803

Usually better deals, though it's farther out.

Winco Foods

1700 W. Pullman Rd., Moscow * (208) 883-8335

Those other two grocery stores are fine but everybody car-pools to tax-free Moscow anyway. It's worth the commute.


Caf & eacute; Moro

100 E. Main St. * 338-3892

Pullman's best-kept secret. Free Wi-Fi, great music, amazing coffee and various rooms for studying, privacy or socializing.

Daily Grind

102 W. Main St. * 334-9171

Zoe Coffeehouse

1960 NE Terre View Dr. * 338-9631


Palouse Treasures

1005 NW Nye St. * 332-6561

Hidden on the second floor of a seemingly obsolete building behind Dissmore's, it never disappoints when it comes to weird clothes, furniture and jewelry.


Brused Books

235 E. Main St. * 334-7898


The Daily Grind

102 W. Main St. * 334-9171

The cornerstone of the coffeehouse scene

Zoe Coffeehouse

1960 NE Terre View Dr. * 338-9631


Pullman Regional Hospital

835 SE Bishop Blvd. * 332-2541

The on-campus student health center is dubbed "student death" for good reason. Just go to Pullman Regional.


Henry's Ace Hardware

1690 S. Grand Ave. * 332-1450


Palouse Treasures

1005 NW Nye St. * 332-6561



1450 S. Grand Ave. * 332-0220


2470 W. Pullman Rd., Moscow * (208) 882-5620


& r & & r &

Spokane Community College


Location: Spokane

Founded: 1972

Student Body: 6,243

School starts: Sept. 19

Tuition: $2,580

Phone: 533-7000


EXPLORE: Though it's still unclear who's coming this year, the President's Speaker Series at SCC is always a good bet. In recent years, they've brought in Terry Tempest Williams and Anne Lamott, as well as nationally recognized experts on genomics, human rights and public affairs. Along the same lines, check out the Center for Humanities in the library, which puts on a host of events throughout the year. The theme two years ago provided a whole series of programs on where your food comes from. Know where your coffee comes from? If you're like many SCC students, it's Jacob's Java, across the river on Fairview Avenue.

DANGER! Did we mention parking's tough at CCs? Beware. Traffic can be just as congested in the bookstore and at the registrar's office at the beginning of each term. Plan ahead and avoid the rush.

WHAT'S NEW: This Friday sees the retirement of president Steve Hanson, who will be replaced by the vice president of instruction, Dr. Joe Dunlap. Dunlap is proud to announce that over the summer months, the school has added programs in ultrasound technology, vascular studies and massage therapy, as well as a center for entrepreneurship. They've also begun design work on renovations to the old science buildings and a replacement for a wing of their technical education building.

EVENTS: Annual Community Congress on Human Relations, Sept. 8; Carpetbag Physical Theater Company (circus on stilts), Oct. 3; Fall Festival, Oct. 23-27

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Spokane Falls community college


Location: Spokane

Founded: 1967

Student Body: 5,000

School starts: Sept. 19

Tuition: $3,000

Phone: 533-3500


EXPLORE: The school is out in the sticks, so don't plan on walking from downtown. You'll probably have to drive. STA buses are pretty regular, but the nearest latte stand is clear on the other side of the river.Anyone getting into anthropology should get to know Mr. O'Neal. Thin and kind of old, he teaches hunched over and likes to bring rocks to class. He'll then turn away from the class, pound the rocks together, do an about-face, raise his arms above his head and -- while holding his newly formed object -- exclaim, "MUUUHAHA I have made tools!" He thinks shoes are barbaric.

DANGER! Beware of Government Way. As if the headstones from the cemetery weren't ominous enough, the fuzz find it fun to pull you over and lecture you on the dangers of speeding. Then they ticket you. Also, the bookstore is a nightmare. Never go there the first week of school. If you must, plan on spending a couple of hours just waiting in line. Pre-order online at or just buy them at Amazon.

NEW: The Communications and Social Science departments ran out of room. They decided to put up a new building, and it's green. Go, solar power.

EVENTS: On Monday, Sept. 24, get ready for the foam -- throw off the togas and jump into the parking lot of suds in Lot 3 at 7 pm. On Friday, Sept. 28, at dusk, pull up your cars, tune in your radio and watch Shrek 3 outside on the big screen.

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North Idaho college



Coeur d'Alene

Founded: 1933

Student Body: 4,631

School started August 27

Tuition: $996 per semester (Kootenai County); $1,496-$3,272 (out-of-county)

Phone: (877) 404-4536


EXPLORE: That you're right next to a huge, gorgeous (albeit polluted) lake is a no-brainer. But you're also just miles from Silverwood Theme Park. How many excuses do you need to play hooky? Outside of class, two of your best bets for getting involved are The Sentinel -- recently voted Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper in the nation by the Society of Professional Journalists -- and, oddly enough, the wrestling team, which has racked up more NJCAA championships and All-American awards than any other program in its conference. Try being a writer and a wrestler. Hulk Hogan did it: His Hollywood Hulk Hogan is required reading.

DANGER! Like pretty much every other CC in the country, the most lamented woe here is parking. Walk, bike, fly in on a weather balloon -- whatever it takes to beat the parking jam.

EVENTS: Rolly Williams Classic Golf Tournament, Sept. 21; Men's basketball vs. NIC alumni, Oct. 27

WHAT'S NEW: Interim president Dr. Priscilla Bell took over the helm officially in July. She's overseeing a big push in academic offerings, including a Registered Nursing program that's beefing up enrollment and a Welding and Diesel Technology track that's doubling its capacity.


Lewis-Clark State College, based in Lewiston, offers the last two years of bachelor's degree programs in business, communications, justice studies, nursing and social work in Coeur d'Alene, for students transferring from NIC or another two-year program. Graduates of LCSC's Bachelor of Social Work program may then go on to a one-year MSW program in Coeur d'Alene offered by Boise State University.




Spokane Valley 20th Anniversary Incorporation Celebration @ CenterPlace Regional Event Center

Fri., March 31, 5-7 p.m.
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