Movie buffs, cinephiles and binge watchers aren't so different from the rest of us anymore. What was once a category of gift reserved for the guy on your list who won't shut up about Quentin Tarantino is now open to us all. We're all living in the world of TV and movies these days, spending an inordinate amount of time sitting on our couches and looking at our screens. Consider getting a gift that improves the viewing experience.

The days of sitting down in front of the TV are over. The LG CineBeam LED Projector, with its wireless connectivity, lets you create a home theater-quality viewing experience anywhere in, or outside, of your home. Movie marathon in bed? Check. Backyard showing on a summer night? You bet. Anywhere with a solid white surface can become your own personal movie theater. $499.99 • Huppin's • 8016 N. Division

The '90s were a good decade for British cinema. Films like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Trainspotting and numerous others were critical and commercial successes on both sides of the pond in the middle of the decade. Take a look back at the motion picture version of the British invasion with Britpop Cinema by author and critic Matt Glasby. Loaded with interviews and behind-the-scenes information, this is a read that will make you want to revisit these now-classic films. $24 • Auntie's Bookstore • 402 W. Main

If there's a die-hard TV fan in your life, give them the opportunity to test their knowledge of the industry in board game form. In Prime Time by Elad Goldsteen, players attempt to air the hit show of the season. Target specific demographics, bring in talented writers and actors, and watch as your ratings go through the roof. $59.99 • Uncle's Games • 14700 E. Indiana, Suite 2110

Cutting the cord? Congratulations, you're probably going to have to replace it with a new cord. Maybe an adapter, too, especially if you've got an Apple product. The California tech giant's extremely popular iPod and iPad products are great for watching streaming video or checking in with friends via video chat. But they're so small compared to that big TV over there! And there's no HDMI port to plug into. Thankfully, Apple's got a solution. Buy a Lightning Digital AV Adapter. $49 • Apple Store • 710 W. Main

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